2013. április 13., szombat

Introducing Jane

Meet Jane Westley, the main character of my new blog. She is 30 years old, and lives with her two years old daughter, Emma. This is her last day before beginning a new life moving to another town: Rosemary Hill. She got a new job there and will work in a little library. She is in trouble waiting for new challenges and being afraid of the unfamiliar things at the same time. 

She is speaking with her best friend, Tara.

Jane: ...I am sitting here in the garden alone, drinking my last cup of tea... No, Emma is with her father. Mark takes care of her while I manage the move... You are so kind but I have finished everything... I will call you next week, I promise. Have a good weekend, sweetheart!... All right. Bye-bye!

Jane: Mmm... The sun is shining, spring is finally here! I feel much more better... 

Jane: After all, I will live in a nice place with my little princess, have a good job and new possibilities. That is all I want now. And maybe happiness will find me soon, too...

We will see what happens.
I hope You will follow her and enjoy my stories :)

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  1. Well this is a great start. I love the pictures and the plants. I'm looking forward to reading Jane's story.