2013. április 21., vasárnap


Meet Jane's new colleague, her name is Alice Andersson. She is 22 years old and still studies at a university besides work.

It was a warm Friday afternoon, the weather was like in summer. After work Jane invited Alice for a small talk.

Alice: Nice garden!
Jane: I still have a lot to do. I would like to plant flowers and grass. I will buy a sand box for my daughter next week.
Alice: And where is your daughter?
Jane: Today she is with her grandparents.

Jane: Here you are, a refreshing cold lemonade.

Alice: How do you feel in here?
Jane: The flat is little but fine. It isn't so homey yet because it needs a renovation.
Alice: I can imagine that. This house is empty for years. The former owner was an old lady, she always wore big hats. I can't remember her name.
Jane: She sure loved flowers, this garden used to be beautiful I think.

Alice: And how do you like our town?
Jane: Rosemary Hill is a lovely place. It is so calm here, and the air is so fresh - not like in the big city we lived before.
Alice: What about Emma?
Jane: She miss our former flat but loves playing in this garden. She was afraid of the new nursery but everyone is so nice there, her first week was better than I thought. I think she already has a new little friend.

They were chatting hours. Alice was very kind and Jane got to know her closer than in the library. She thought that they will be good collegues.
Jane promised to introduce her Emma next time.

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  1. Another cute little purple and white outfit. I'm looking forward to meeting Emma.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! The dress is an old socks as You can see, the purple vest was made by my mother :)
      Emma has arrived!! The new post will come soon! :)