2016. április 2., szombat

Why I'm Away...

My Dear Friends and Followers,

We are still there, just a bit hidden.

A year later we have to move again. In a year we have to find a new flat and leave the one I rent now. It will be a hard farewell but I hope it will be better. I am working on to buy an own home. It sure will be a difficult but enjoyable journey!

I had another dream also I would like to come true for ages, and for that I made a new blog (without any dollies, this time :) ) a few weeks ago (before I got to know about moving), which You can read there: angyalzugoly.blogspot.hu
It is Hungarian but You can find a translation option on it. I would really like to know Your opinion about it so I appreciate comments :) Thank You!

So maybe I will have less time to write here but I still love this story, so I will be back as soon as possible :)

Jane and Charles send their greetings to You! They are very busy waiting the baby. They decided to postpone the wedding, but are still in love :) I will let You know when the big day has come.

Have a nice weekend Everyone!

With love,