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Happy Easter - Part Two

Granny's guest was Charles. He was sure to find Jane there.
Charles: Hello, Jane. Do you fancy a walk?
Jane: Okay. Mom, is that all right?
Perla: I will stay with Emma, just go.
Emma: Where are they going?
Perla: They have to talk about something. Don't worry, they will come back soon... Or in a few hours...
Emma: Will Charles stay with us?
Perla: I don't know, honey. I hope he will.

There is a little wood near Perla's home. Jane and Charles went there to be alone, far from the traffic noise. They both knew he has to start the conversation. But it wasn't so easy.

Charles: I am so sorry Jane, to disappear for so long...
Jane: For two months.Without a word. After Valentine's day...
Charles: It wasn't nice from me. I knew I have to explain and tried many times but couldn't...
Jane: So now you are here to explain...
Charles: Yes. I am ready to tell you everything... If you give me a chance.
Jane: I am listening.

Charles: I loved you very much, Jane. First our dates were new and fun. I felt like a teen in my heart again. But then... I felt something different. You have to foster a child with all its stress and hardness... I couldn't help you but started to think about: is that really what I want? I was scared. I didn't think I was ready for this life.

Jane: I know how difficult it could be for you. I always would like to live two lifes: as a single woman with you in my free time and a single mother with Emma... And I failed both. Now I know that if somebody wants to live with me, he have to accept our two in one package. I don't blame you. Life isn't always happy...

Charles: When I was away from you, I didn't feel happy. I had to understand that my feelings are harder than my fears. I missed you so much that my heart almost broke... I cried. Time didn't help. And one morning when I woke up after a sweet dream looking for your body in my bed next to me... I realized that it isn't the end... It could be the real beginning... If you want...

Jane (in tears): I don't understand... What wold you like to tell me?
Charles: Shall we try again? I would like to take part in your life. With Emma. With all of the difficulties, night and day! Always together!
Jane: Oh, yes, yes...
Charles (trying to hide a teardrop): Can you forgive me? Can you forgive my weakness?
Jane: And you? Can you forgive me all my stress and silence? I should have been included you...

Charles: Shhhh... It is all over now.
Jane: I missed you so much. I was afraid to lose you.
Charles: Everything will be all right. I missed you. I love you.

Jane: I love you too!
They gave many gentle kisses each other.

Jane: And now?
Charles: I have a surprise for you:  I am looking for a new kind of business. If it works I don't have to travel all the time. I could stay in my own office or work from home.
Jane: It is fantastic!!

Charles: What if we move together? I was serious to spend my nights and days with you. Sleep and wake up with you. Have dinner in three. Take family journeys on weekend.
Jane: Am I dreaming?
Charles (laughing): I am so happy!
Jane (excited): How can we do that? My house is little, yours is even smaller...
Charles: We will look for a bigger one.

They gave long kisses each other...

Charles: You are my other half.
Jane: I am at home in your arms.

Jane: Shall we go back? It gets darker...
Charles: Right. Can I stay with you by your mother?
Jane: She will be very happy.

Indeed, Perla didn't need a word, she saw the joy on their faces and immediately kept calm. She invited Charles as if nothing had happened. And Emma was jumping:

Emma: Chazzie!
Charles: Hello, Princess! Look at that pretty little girl!

Jane: Charles will stay with us. Sit down, honey or you can fall down to the ground.
Emma: All right, Mommy.
Charles: Come and sit down with me. I have a surprise for you.
Emma: What is it???

Charles: I met the real Easter Bunny in the street. He was in a hurry but sent you this gift and a message: be a good girl and always obay.
Emma: Bunny sent this to me? Thank you!

Emma: Yummy, it is a chocolate bunny!!
She made a funny face and everybody started to laugh. They had a great time together.


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Happy Easter - Part One

Jane decided to spend the Easter Holidays with her mother. Perla was very happy, and prepared many sweets and decorations.

Emma: Mommy, look at this bunny! She made these figured eggs.
Jane: Very nice. Well done, bunny!

Emma: Mommy, is Daddy coming home now?
Jane: No, sweetie. He has a tour that ends in a week. You have to sleep seven times and he will be here for you!
Emma: Not tomorrow?

Jane: No, just after sleeping seven times.
Emma: And Charles? Is he coming here to Grandma?
Jane: No. He also has something to do now.
Perla: Did he call you?
Jane: No, Mom.
Perla: Did you try to reach him?
Jane: I don't want to disturb him. I don't know what his problem is but if he couldn't tell me...  Let's speak about just something else...
Perla: All right... 

Emma: Granny, can I have some donut?
Granny: Of course you can. And drink some carrot juice, too. You know, that is bunny's favorite drink.

Jane: Mom, did you make the usual carrot cake?
Granny: Yes. It is in the fridge. But first I'll make tea for us.

At that moment, the doorbell rang.
Granny: Who is that? I'll go to see.

Jane: Until Granny comes back let's see the fridge... Emma, look! The carrot cake is here... Yummy...

And Perla came back with somebody...

To be continued... :)

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One Year And New Ones :)

Hello My Dear Readers and Followers!

Today is the one year anniversary of my blog! A year ago we started with this little story, and now we have many changes: got many many new friends and sweet memories, and, of course many new dolls. I have more Barbie dolls than ever thought :)

I had 63 posts and over 8.000 visits from all over the world! Thank You so much to read and stay, thanks to be my guests and friends! <3

While I am writing these sentences I feel spring: the sun shines and the birds sing outside. A little wind blows above the trees and my flowers bloom in wonderful white, pink, and red colours.I don't want any artificial lights, just the sunlight that comes through the windows.
Jane also enjoys this Sunday afternoon, ignoring bad or painful things, thinking simply on nothing. She is smiling. She feels that only good things could come.

Emma enters the living room. Jane realised that her little daughter grews fast. She is much more taller than a year ago. Sometimes headstrong and loud but still a lovely and sweet child, her beloved and only Princess. 

Emma: Mommy, what are you doing here?
Jane: Come, Sweetie, sit down. I have a surprise for you.

Emma: What is the surprise?
Jane: We will have some guests today. Your new friend and her mother.
Emma: Who is that??
Jane: Lily, from the nursery school.

Emma: Hurray!!!

Lily and her mom, Vanessa moved to Rosemary Hill a few months ago. Vanessa is a horticulturist and loves working with plants and flowers. She also writes articles for horticultural journals. She and Jane decided to meet more because of their children but became good friends meanwhile.

Vanessa brought a lovely handmade pillow* for Jane as a gift - with flowers on it, of course. 

Jane let the girls to go to Emma's bedroom while moms are chatting.

Emma: Come Lily, let's play!

Lily: Can we play with these dolls?
Emma: Yes. I pick up this for you.

Vanessa and Jane sometimes peered into Emma's room but they could be calm: the girls was playing all afternoon in the best friendship.

The story won't end here but will continue next week :)
I hope You will find our second year as interesting as I would like to make. Jane and me have many plans so see You next time!

Many hugs: 
                  Jane - Emma - Rosemary

* The pillow was a gift from a fellow blogger and friend. Thanks, Dear!!! :) She sent me many beautiful handmade dresses too, You will see them in the following chapters!