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Sometimes It Is Not Easy...

It was a cold afternoon and Tara invited Jane because they haven't met since Christmas.

Tara brought Jane a cup of hot red fruit tea. They sit down in the living room and began to talk about the holidays.

Tara: Now it is time to tell you something important. I didn't want it by phone... So... On New Year's Eve... Colin asked me to marry.
Jane: Oh, Tara!! What did you answer??
Tara: Well... I said yes! Of course yes!!

Jane: Tara! I am so happy for you! Congratulation!!
Tara: Thank you my dear!

Jane: The best news I could imagine! But I feel something different, too. Aren't you the happiest person in the world now? What's wrong?

Tara: Well, I am afraid a little bit.
Jane: Afraid of what? Colin? The marriage? The wedding? Life together?
Tara: Oh no, never. I am happy, really, this is what I want. But...
Jane: Yes?
Tara: I am afraid of what his family will think about us.

Jane: You were together at Christmas, weren't you? How was it?
Tara: His father, Robert was really kind. His younger sister is a sweet girl I think although we couldn't speak a lot. But his mother... Victoria was polite but nothing more. Sometimes I felt she was nervous and looked at me so oddly... She was so cold. I don't know why.
Jane: That is strange. Maybe she have just realised that her son is never more her little child... Maybe it is just a bit jealousy...
Tara: I don't know, Jane... As if she had some problem with me and not with the situation...

Tara couldn't finish because Summer came in suddenly.
Summer: Tara, I am... Oh, hello, Jane!
Jane: Hello Summer!
Tara: Hello, Sum! What is the matter?

Summer: Er... Nothing. I am just going to the market and would like to ask if I can buy something for you...
Tara: No, thanks. But why don't you stay for a while?
Summer: No, thanks. I am in a hurry.

Summer: See you later!
Jane: Bye!
Tara: Oh...

Jane: What was that? Tara, is Summer okay?
Tara: I don't think so...
Jane: Is it because I am here?

Tara: Exactly, I am afraid...
Jane: Please, tell me.
Tara: Jane, I don't want to hurt you. I hope I won't if I tell you something.
Jane: Is it the day of surprises? Tell me, it won't hurt.
Tara: I think Summer felt in love with Mark.

Jane: With Mark? My ex-husband?
Tara: Yes. They met at Christmas, on a concert.
Jane: Well, that isn't so bad news...
Tara: But I think Summer is very sad. She saw him with another girl...

Jane: Okay, it is his life. I am with Charles, and after two years it is time to find himself a new girlfriend. I would be really happy to hear that he is happy, too!
Tara: Oh, I calmed down now. But Summer didn't...
Jane: I am so sorry for her. Mark is a very handsome man... I understand her feelings. I just don't know why Mark didn't told me that...

Jane: And don't be afraid, Colin's mother will be very happy and proud of you on the wedding!
Tara: Thanks for your words!
Jane: Now I have to go but please come tomorrow to talk about your plans for the wedding day!

On the way home Jane was thinking about Summer and Mark, until...

Jane: Oh, no! I can't believe it! There, this is Mark and a girl!

Jane: They are heading to the market... Poor Summer, I hope they won't meet.

Jane: She is so familiar...

Jane: I didn't remember...

Jane: It is better to go home, as quickly as I can. Maybe Mark will tell me something if it gets more serious.

So here they are: Mark and a blonde girl... Do You remember who she is and why so familiar to Jane? ;)

Last Weekend DIY - A Fireplace :)

I am preparing for a new story today, but first I would like to show You my latest DIY:

I love fireplaces and I made one years ago for my Sylvanian Families figures in 1:12 scale. Now I wanted to make one for my larger dolls :) The main idea came from MyFroggyStuff, You can see her video here. This time I made it a bit different, I hope You will like the result! :)

I used Jane's stuffs for the diorama to show. I loved to make this tiny bunch out of different flowers so much, too! Since then I always search for miniature flowers in the shops but can hardly find... (The blue and light pink ones were gifts from one of my Sylvanian collector friends!)

Oh, and here You can see Grandma Perla knitting something new...

I hope I can finish my new story today :) See You soon!

2014. január 1., szerda

Family Meeting On Christmas Day

John and Elinor were very happy on Christmas day. They finished preparing for the family meeting and were excited to meet Charles for the first time. 

This was also their first Christmas as parents of three children! Granny took this photo of the little family.

Elinor and Granny made really good job with the food.

Jane, Emma and Charles have arrived. They greeted each other.

Charles: I am Charles Brandon. Nice to meet you, John.
John: Nice to meet you. Welcome to the family.

Emma and Lizzy were very happy to see, so they gave big hugs to each other.

Willie: Come to Granny, girls!

Granny: Willie, you can see three boxes under the tree with your names, please, bring them to me.

Granny gave the gifts to her grandchildren: Willie got a new car, Lizzy got a Snow White Disney Princess and Emma got an Ariel Princess doll.

Granny knitted a warm scarf and a matching cap for Charles.

Jane got handmade Christmas patterned patchwork blanket and pillow for reading on the couch.

Jane also brought her present to Mom.

Perla got a new teapot with strawberries. She got some accessories, too, for example a big bottle of Chinese tea leafs.

Jane: What a wonderful tree!
John: We had always big Christmas trees when we were children, do you remember? Dad brought them home under the rose.
Jane: Yes, I remember very well...

They took a grand family picture, too.

They enjoyed the day and night together.

Jane with her daughter, nephew and niece.

Granny: Look, Jane! Emma and Willie are just like you and John at the same age!

The three grandchildren.

Mother and children...

Charles had a great time with Jane's relatives. He wished he could introduce her to his parents and brother, too.

Unfortunately they didn't took any pictures on New Year's Eve, so the next chapter will be after that, but I wish you all a


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