2013. július 30., kedd

Sylvanian Families!

Granny was on a trip and when she returned she brought some gifts for her grandchildren: a Lalaloopsy doll for Lizzy, two books for Willy and something special for Emma: a pair of Sylvanian Families figures!!

Emma was so happy because she loves these toys! They named the cats the Dante's: Kate and Kristopher :)

Emma played all day with her new favorites :)

She tried to place them into the dollhouse... Jane promised to make an own home for the Dante cat couple.

Here is Emma's room. As You can see she got a new sofa-bed what I made a year or two ago... For my 'real' Sylvanian Families figures :D

You can see my little SF collection (and some stories) there: Life In Plumcake

2013. július 20., szombat

New Dresses

Our girls got new outfits yesterday! Jane got a little purple dress and I think it looks great with the black jacket from the architect set!

The jacket has purple seam on the side, the same colour as the dress!

These girls officially belong to my daughter: Alice Andersson and and the architect lady :) Aren't they pretty?

Elinor has the outfit I like the most, I think this colour fits very well to her lipstick :) I think Jane will borrow it sometimes from her sister-in-law.

The outfits I am the happiest with: the ones of Barbara and her daughter. I have to tell You that Barbara had never any Barbie outfits! She came in a green-pink swimsuit and has just homemade dresses... So she really deserves it!!

The dark purple jacket is really her style but the pants and blouse are very nice, too!
The outfit her daughter wears is an adult dress but I think it fits Henrietta and will be a perfect school uniform. What do You think about it? Hetty is a very charming little lady and this is her second dress...

Tara got a new romantic look. This will be good for a date, I think... :)

These sweaters are the odd: they are made by my mother! We are preparing for autumn :)

This is our whole collection :) I LOVE them!

2013. július 15., hétfő

Twins! :)

No, no matter with eyesight! They are two! :D 

Le me introduce my Granny: Mrs. Westley born Perla Prewett* (on the right) and her twin sister: Pearline (on the left)!

Pearline is a visitor in Rosemary Hill and the sisters are very happy to meet though it is only for a little while. 

Perla: How long can you stay?
Pearline: Only for a few days.
Perla: Oh, I will miss you so much!

Pearline: Me too, me too, Sis! But we could meet in August if you would like to join us for a little get-together with other friends. It will be jolly with lots of talk, fun and games for also children and adults.
Perla: It sounds great!

Perla: Please, give my regards and hugs to Migde, Lucy, the children and their whole family!
Pearline: I will, thank you!

Earlier I didn't saw two Grannys in one picture :D Aren't they cute together? :)

(* More surprises in the bio soon ;) )

2013. július 14., vasárnap

My Patio Chair!

I was very ill this weekend so I couldn't do too much things... But today I decided to make a patio chair with the help of MyFroggyStuff: How to Make Doll Beach Chairs/ Patio Chairs

And here is the result (Granny is really enjoying with a glass of mint lemonade cocktail):

I used a bit larger popsicle sticks (I needed 18 pieces) but I think it is fine. I like how Granny can rest her arms on it.  
I recommend You to try this, because making it was really easy and so much fun! :)

2013. július 10., szerda

News With Outfits, Family Members And A New Room

My new set from the previous post has arrived! Here You can see Janey as an architect :D

I love her jacket and boots - and the dress is much more better than I thought. So Jane will keep it, too :)
The glasses are bigger but I think Jane looks pretty wearing them :) Like Welma from Scooby-Doo :D
Aaaaaaaand let me introduce Mrs. Westley, Jane's mother and Emma's Granny!! There will be some surprises in her bio - a bit later :)
I like her outfit very much! These are the colours (and style) my mother loves, too. :)
The first family picture!
Another quick news for today: I have made a room for Emma :) I don't have too much furniture but I hope You will like it. 

I made the bed for my Sylvanian Families figures some times ago. The carpet is new and You can see the dollhouse from the architect-set.

I love Emma's toy collection :) She has a Cinderella 'Barbie', too :D

And Granny has a surprise for her granddaughter... But this will be a new story :)

2013. július 1., hétfő

Barbie As An Architect

Well, this is the very first time when I bought a new doll in a box - just for the accessories!
(Picture is from the seller.)

1. Black glasses: I have almost the same black glasses too so I always wanted to by one for Jane :D
2. Jacket: I love this one!
3. House mockup: It is pink... So first time when I looked at this picture I thought it is a toy house. So it will be a toy house for Emma :)))
4. Boots: Jane hasn't got any boots. Until now :)
5. Helmet: Now I know what kind of job will fit Colin - he will be an architect :)
6. Plan tube: I will repaint this pink tube so it will go for Colin, too!
7. Dress: it isn't so exciting but Barbie can't have enough outfits ;) Maybe this will go for Barbara Howard because of its colours.

And that is about 13$ with shipping. Ebay has this set over 22$ so I thought it was a good deal :) 

Oh, and what to do with Barbie doll herself? I didn't want another new girl for a while. Maybe I will sell her. 

And last here is a few funny criticisms of this set from the internet. What do You think about them? :)