2017. június 10., szombat

Back To The Plans

After the birthday dinner guests came to Rosemary Hill: John (Jane's older brother) and his whole family. While the boys went to the garden to play football, the girls stayed in the house to talk a bit. 

Lizzy brought a giant bear with her.
Lizzy: This is for April. I chose it in the toy store.
Emma: He is nice. What is his name?
Lizzy: I don't know. April should name him.
Emma: She can't speak, Lizzy. I am sure she would name him Winnie. But I have a Winnie already so I think Paddington would be fine...

Jane: So good to see you again!
Elinor: We miss you, too! But you know how much work is it with three kids... Especially when you have a son like Danny...
Jane: I can imagine that...

Lizzy: Po!
Emma: Oh, nooo, Po is a bamboo bear. Black and white.
Lizzy: Than Yogi Bear. He is brown.
Emma: My favorite is Boo Boo.
Lizzy: Mine is Cindy. But she is a girl. Are you sure it is a boy bear?
Emma: Yes. She is brooown.
Lizzy: Rupert is also a boy but he isn't brown. He is white.
Emma: No, he is grey.

Elinor: And what about the wedding?
Jane: It is time to spin everything. Charles has a cousin, Francie, who is a wedding planner. She comes to town next week so we can discuss about it. Nevertheless we don't want to make too big event.
Elinor: I can understand it. And your dress?

Jane: I have a sweet friend, who helped me find the best one. Her name is Elora Sheperd. The dress will be beautiful... And white...
Elinor: Finally, a wedding in white dress! I remember, when you and Mark... Well, you didn't have a normal outfit then.
Jane: We didn't have the money or the time for that. Mark was before a tour with his band.
Elinor: Oh, yes... I am sorry to speak about it...
Jane (laughing): Never mind! It was true! But that is history now.
Elinor: John and me are always talking about how good is that you two are so happy together.

Jane: And you? Is everything all right?
Elinor: Yes... Perhaps...
Jane: Perhaps what???
Elinor: Nothing, really. Let's talk about the big day. Would you like bridesmaids?...

Emma: Oh that is hopeless..
Lizzy: So let's name him Big Brown Bear.
Emma: That is boooring...

Lizzy: Okay, I don't have any idea. Maybe we should let April to choose a name.
Emma: It will take a long time.
Lizzy: After all, this is HER toy bear.
Emma: Okay. Let's see what Willy and Danny play outside with Chazzy and Uncle John.
Lizzy: That was your best idea today.

And the girls let April to play alone inside with Mommy and Aunt Elinor. With Bunny, who also don't have a proper name...

To be continued... :) 

2017. június 3., szombat

We Are Back - And Back To April

We had a very busy few month - half a year. We moved to our first own Home - that still gives us a lots of work, but we really LOVE it! :)

Back to our sweet family: we owe you some stories from Spring. One of them is the baby's first birthday! And let me tell her name - before the birth everyone started to call her April Child, and then in short: April, so Charles and Jane decided to keep this and named her so. Maybe it is a little crazy but they really like it. :)

On her first birthday, April, her parents and big sister, Emma sat down to the dining table. Charles made a fantastic rose cake to his beloved daughter. 

They all sing 'Happy Birthday', April liked it very much!

She couldn't wait for the cake which smelled so good and looked so yummy!

Charles: You'll get your presents and cake after that, just Mommy makes some pictures of the roses.

Charles: Are you ready Honey?
Jane: A moment, and I'll put down the camera... Ready!

Jane: This cake is so wonderful! Daddy is a real pastry chef :) Dear, you should change your job...
Charles: You've told me this many times but still believe it is just a joke.
Jane: Oh, no! I know you like your business and are good at programming. But I really think you do a great job in the kitchen. My friends are envious now and say that I have a fantastic husband. 
Charles: Oh please, stop it.
Jane: All right...

Jane: Sorry, my dear, you would like to taste it, aren't you? But first...

Jane: Happy birthday, April! I love you so much!
Emma: Mommy, it is my turn!

Emma: Happy birthday, lil' Sis! I bought you a new ball.

Emma: Chazzy, would you take a photo of us together?
Charles: Okay, look here! April, look at Daddy! Nice.

Emma: Mommy, when will my birthday be?
Jane: In September, dear. Five month more.
Emma: It is soooo loooong...
Charles: Time flies, Emma. You will get over it soon.
Emma: Chazzy, will you make a birthday cake for me also?
Charles: Of course, Princess.

Charles: Happy birthday, April. You are a clever little girl.

Emma: Mommy, can I help April to open her present?
Jane: No, let her try it first. She can take off the wrapping herself easily.
Emma: Do you know what I would like to get for my birthday?

Jane: Yes, I know because you have already told me. Now eat a slice of the cake.
Emma: And Mommy, when will Granny and April's Granny come?

Jane: They all will come tomorrow. Today it is just our little celebration.
Emma: I would like Daddy to come for my celebration...
Jane: I know, Sweetie. We will ask him what he wants in time, I promise.

After the meal they took some photos more. First the siblings sat down to the sofa together.

Then Jane and Charles made some selfie.

And some more...
... the whole happy family.

See You next time! To be continued... ;) :)