2013. április 13., szombat

A Bit More... :)

In my second post I would like to talk a bit about myself and more about Jane. English is not my first language so I apologize in advance :)

I am a mother like Jane and I also have a little daughter. I have a blog about Sylvanian Families figures and write photostories about them since 2011. I met Sylvanian fans from all over the world and some of them are in the corner of my heart, they are wonderful people and helped me a lot - they opened my world and I learned that I am not the only adult who loves playing. What a relief! :) Then my life became complicated, and when I saw Vanessa's blog, I felt that this is the "therapy" I need, right now! :) I love her dreamworld, and decided to make mine.

So comes Jane. She is my second Barbie, the third of ours (the first one is from my childhood, You will meet her soon, and my daughter has one too, a Disney Princess: Rapunzel) and has arrived a few days ago. She has just a few dresses and other stuffs, so I have to start almost from zero. But it is very exciting, isn't it? :)

I have ordered her some outfits from ebay, and my mother made her the sweater (from a sock) You can see on the pictures, isn't it cute? :) Jane loves purple, pink and blue, her favourites are the pale pastel colours. She is a librarian and loves the books, so she asked a whole library for herself in the new flat. I promised to buy Jane Austen novels first because she is her favourite writer.

I like making miniature things and watching My Froggy Stuff videos for ideas.

She loves plants, so I made her some using miniature pots, plastic caps and plastic aquarium plants - I think they are just the right scale, and looks realistic.

So that is our beginning.
And at last for today, here she is with a new purchase from a local store (it was just about 1 $) for her new garden. I have to make a better picture later :)

Thanks for reading, see You next time!

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  1. So nice to read more about you. I'm happy that my stories were therapy for you. I'm looking forward to reading your doll stories.