2013. április 28., vasárnap

A Jane Austen Collection

Jane Austen is Jane's favorite writer, let us show You her miniature book-collection.

I've ordered them on ebay. The 6-volume set of Austen's novels is 1/12 scale. They have lovely cover and empty pages.

The biggest one is The Life and Works of Jane Austen. It is from Dateman Books, a family run business. You can watch (and order) many miniature books on their website - I totally felt in love with them...

This book is 2,9 cm in height and has a removable paper cover.

Under the cover it is bounded in blue linen.

Inside the book there is a little biography of Jane Austen, some quotes and illustrations of her novels. 
Jane: Nothing is better on a calm and windy Sunday afternoon than reading a Jane Austen book! 

I am so happy with this little collection!!!

2013. április 26., péntek


Here she is! This cutie little girl is Emma Lewin, two and a half years old. She always give big hugs and kisses to Mommy and Daddy, loves dancing and singing and prefers doing things by herself without any help.

 Some pictures with Mommy:

As You can see, Jane has a new outfit. I like this greeny colour. Emma's crocheted vest (and the blanket on the bed) was made by my mother.

 The bed was made by my older sister about twenty years ago :) It is a chocolate box filled with cotton and covered with white-grey material. Tulips are from my Sylvanian Families collection. 

 Aren't they adorable together?

2013. április 21., vasárnap


Meet Jane's new colleague, her name is Alice Andersson. She is 22 years old and still studies at a university besides work.

It was a warm Friday afternoon, the weather was like in summer. After work Jane invited Alice for a small talk.

Alice: Nice garden!
Jane: I still have a lot to do. I would like to plant flowers and grass. I will buy a sand box for my daughter next week.
Alice: And where is your daughter?
Jane: Today she is with her grandparents.

Jane: Here you are, a refreshing cold lemonade.

Alice: How do you feel in here?
Jane: The flat is little but fine. It isn't so homey yet because it needs a renovation.
Alice: I can imagine that. This house is empty for years. The former owner was an old lady, she always wore big hats. I can't remember her name.
Jane: She sure loved flowers, this garden used to be beautiful I think.

Alice: And how do you like our town?
Jane: Rosemary Hill is a lovely place. It is so calm here, and the air is so fresh - not like in the big city we lived before.
Alice: What about Emma?
Jane: She miss our former flat but loves playing in this garden. She was afraid of the new nursery but everyone is so nice there, her first week was better than I thought. I think she already has a new little friend.

They were chatting hours. Alice was very kind and Jane got to know her closer than in the library. She thought that they will be good collegues.
Jane promised to introduce her Emma next time.

2013. április 16., kedd

A New Neighbour

Jane got a new green jacket from ebay. Isn't she pretty? I am a little envy... :) I made the scarf and the skirt about fifteen years ago, when I was a child.

Here she is with a Groovy Girl handbag.

Now, meet my old doll from the 90's!

Jane was walking on the street when she met a friendly lady.

Barbara: Hello, excuse me, I know you are our new librarian, I saw you arriving. My name is Barbara Howard, and I am your neighbour.
Jane: Oh hello, nice to meet you! I am Jane Westley.

Barbara: I live in the red roofed house right there. I would like to invite you for tea.
Jane: What a lovely house and garden!

Jane: Thank you so much for the invitation!
Barbara: I think we will be friends soon.

Look at Jane's shadow, I think it is beautiful!!

2013. április 14., vasárnap

A Family Portrait

Today I decided to make a portrait of Jane and Emma when she was a newborn.It wasn't easy because I don't have a professional camera and I tried different poses, lights and backgrounds.
Here is the final result:

I think this was made by Mark Lewin (Jane's former husband) an intimate evening, when they were both glad with their baby...

I have a little silver frame, the picture will stand in Jane's bedroom.

2013. április 13., szombat

A Bit More... :)

In my second post I would like to talk a bit about myself and more about Jane. English is not my first language so I apologize in advance :)

I am a mother like Jane and I also have a little daughter. I have a blog about Sylvanian Families figures and write photostories about them since 2011. I met Sylvanian fans from all over the world and some of them are in the corner of my heart, they are wonderful people and helped me a lot - they opened my world and I learned that I am not the only adult who loves playing. What a relief! :) Then my life became complicated, and when I saw Vanessa's blog, I felt that this is the "therapy" I need, right now! :) I love her dreamworld, and decided to make mine.

So comes Jane. She is my second Barbie, the third of ours (the first one is from my childhood, You will meet her soon, and my daughter has one too, a Disney Princess: Rapunzel) and has arrived a few days ago. She has just a few dresses and other stuffs, so I have to start almost from zero. But it is very exciting, isn't it? :)

I have ordered her some outfits from ebay, and my mother made her the sweater (from a sock) You can see on the pictures, isn't it cute? :) Jane loves purple, pink and blue, her favourites are the pale pastel colours. She is a librarian and loves the books, so she asked a whole library for herself in the new flat. I promised to buy Jane Austen novels first because she is her favourite writer.

I like making miniature things and watching My Froggy Stuff videos for ideas.

She loves plants, so I made her some using miniature pots, plastic caps and plastic aquarium plants - I think they are just the right scale, and looks realistic.

So that is our beginning.
And at last for today, here she is with a new purchase from a local store (it was just about 1 $) for her new garden. I have to make a better picture later :)

Thanks for reading, see You next time!

Introducing Jane

Meet Jane Westley, the main character of my new blog. She is 30 years old, and lives with her two years old daughter, Emma. This is her last day before beginning a new life moving to another town: Rosemary Hill. She got a new job there and will work in a little library. She is in trouble waiting for new challenges and being afraid of the unfamiliar things at the same time. 

She is speaking with her best friend, Tara.

Jane: ...I am sitting here in the garden alone, drinking my last cup of tea... No, Emma is with her father. Mark takes care of her while I manage the move... You are so kind but I have finished everything... I will call you next week, I promise. Have a good weekend, sweetheart!... All right. Bye-bye!

Jane: Mmm... The sun is shining, spring is finally here! I feel much more better... 

Jane: After all, I will live in a nice place with my little princess, have a good job and new possibilities. That is all I want now. And maybe happiness will find me soon, too...

We will see what happens.
I hope You will follow her and enjoy my stories :)