2016. január 17., vasárnap

The April Child

Jane: So, you told her.
Charles: Yes, I have just spoken with mom.
Jane: And what did you say exactly?
Charles: I said that in April she will be the grandmother of a beautiful, sweet, golden haired ... baby girl.
Jane (smiling): And what if she won't be golden haired?
Charles: I will thinking of that problem. But mom won't be so disappointed I suppose.
Jane: Was she happy?
Charles: Of course! After two bad boys... What do you think?
Jane: Were you both bad children? I  can't believe it.
Charles: You don't believe I was a naughty boy?
Jane: Of course, you was! I don't believe it about Christopher!
(both laughing)

Charles: Is everything all right? 
Jane: Yes, just my spine is aching.
Charles: It is becoming more common.
Jane: It is just a little nuisance...
Charles: Don't say that. Please be careful.
Jane: The doctor said... Thank you. So he said I should stop working in the library.
Charles: I agree. You have to stop climbing ladders and bringing heavy books.

Jane: I know. I don't do that for some time. But I feel that it will be harder and harder. So I will speak with my principal. She is already looking for a new colleague.
Charles: This will be the best. You can stay at home and get ready with the necessary stuffs.

Jane: I think we need some changes in the bedroom. Elinor said that she can give us Danny's old bed and pram.
Charles: Make a list about the things we have to buy. I don't really know what we need.
Jane: I will make the list. I will ask mom if she has any of Emma's baby clothes. I don't remember where we put them after the divorce.
Charles: We can buy new clothes, it isn't a problem.

Jane: You are so sweet. But Emma had some really nice and useful dress just like new ones. I would like to know whether we still have them or not.
Charles: Okay. So what about the names? Did you find one or two?
Jane: I think I like Charlotte, Anne and Cecily. But I don't really know...What about yours?

Charles: Uhh... I think... Julia... Kate... Umm... Emily...
Jane: Emily is not so good because of Emma...
Charles: Oh, really. But I don't like Cecily... I had a classmate who was very teasing...
Jane: Oh...

Charles: But we still have time...
Jane: Till April...
Charles: Till April. Do you think she is listening to us?
Jane: At the moment? I think she is sleeping...  She will wake up right after I go to bed.
Charles: You want me to talk to her little head?
Jane: You can make a try...

Jane: I love you, daddy...
Charles: I love you, beautiful mommy. More than life.
Jane: It sounds so good... Tell me more.
Charles: I will tell you every day till the end of my life.
Jane: Sssshhh... Don't say that way, my love.
Charles: You don't have to worry. I will always be with you.

Jane: With me and our April child. 
Charles: Always. 

To be continued... :)

2016. január 3., vasárnap

Emma's Christmas Gift

It was a sunny morning, and Emma sat in her new room playing by her new table. She got many toys as always, but the biggest gift was that she got some new furniture also.

The new bed was much more bigger and finally she got a chair that fits her size. She enjoyed staying there alone, but this morning Jane came to look if everything was all right.

Jane: Hello Sweetheart! What are you playing?
Emma: I wrote a book and just called Granny. She is fine.
Jane: I am glad to hear that. Can I sit down to your bed?
Emma: Yes, Mommy!   

Emma: Do you play with me?
Jane: What game?
Emma: With my dolls.

Jane looked at the toys on the shelves then looked at the bed. 'There are so many toys, I need to buy a box or a basket for additional storage...'

Jane: Look at your new Lalaloopsy doll! Or we can play with this balerina... Did you know that it was one of my first dolls?

Emma: When you was a child?
Jane: When I was about your age. Granny found it a few weeks ago. And now it is yours...
Emma: Mommy, when my sister will born, will she play with my toys?
Jane: Maybe, if she will be a girl. And if you let her.
Emma: I don't want her to play with my Lalaloopsy and ballerina!
Jane: Oh, Dear! First he or she will be so little that he or she won't play with any of the toys here. And when the baby grows up, gets toys for own.
Emma: I would like a sister. So she can play with me if she will have any dolls. She can bring her dolls into my room.
Jane: That is nice. But I hope that you will be a clever older sister and you will teach her how good is to share what you have.

They talked about the baby a little more and then started to play and laugh. It was really funny.

Emma: I love you, Mommy!
Jane: I love you, too!

Jane: You will always be my first baby! My beloved and only Emma!

Jane stayed long with her daughter enjoying the day together. She hoped that Emma will alwyas have a happy and peaceful life, and hoped that she and the new baby will love each other as much as she and her brother, John.

To be continued... :) 


Now, let me show you two of my gifts from the end of the previous year! They are from my ex-husband, isn't it super nice from him? :) Thank You from here! :)

The first (for my birthday) is a Barbie Puppen-Preisführer 2015/2016 by Bettina Dorfmann,
it shows more than 280 dolls from the first Barbies to the middle of the 70's. Every doll has two price in it:
"Unbespielte Puppen mit Original-Outfit und Zubehör"
"Puppen, die noch original verpackt sind"

"Unplayed dolls with original outfit and accessories"
"Dolls, which are still packed original"

The second (for Christmas) is The Ultimate Barbie Doll Book - Identification and Price Guide by Marcie Melillo!
It is a bigger book with Barbies from 1959-1995, with all model numbers and box dates, with more than 1000 dolls!

I love them both!!!!

Dear Followers and Friends!

I wish You a very happy new year with such beautiful gifts and lots of love! :)