2015. október 25., vasárnap

A Little Walk - And A Little Surprise :)

On this sunny day Jane and Charles decided to take a walk in the forests near their home. They brought Emma and the dogs also, they all were very happy to play outside.

Charles found a good place to rest a bit.

Jane: Emma, Sweetheart, we stop here. Please stay in sight.
Emma: But Mommy, Prince always leaves us. I can't follow him, he is so fast!
Jane: Never mind. Let him run, he will come back when he is tired. Play with Hercule.
Emma: All right, Mommy. Come, Hercule. You are a good boy, Prince is not.

Emma: Catch me, Hercule!

Jane: It is good to have a day when we don't have any to do in hurry. 
Charles: Yeah, I like it. But the renovation of the house goes slower than I thought. 
Jane: It isn't a problem. I am happy that we have the possobility to select among various solutions. I don't mind that we must wait for the proper tiles or wooden floor. In the end we will have a wonderful home.
Charles: If we look at things, you're right. Next week we have to go to find a new washbasin and bathtub. 
Jane: Which day? 
Charles: Wednesday, I think. 
Jane: Good. Oh, and can we go to IKEA the same day? 
Charles (laughing): Sure. Did you find something in the new catalogue? 
Jane: Not in the catalogue, but on their website, this morning. It is a lovely new children's room furniture! It has a bed, a cabinet, a little table and a chair. The bed and the cabinet are blue but if Emma won't like the colour, we can repaint it. 
Charles: Okay. Maybe we can watch the bathroom furnishing there. And have some dinner after that.
Jane: That would be great!

Walking away they found some beautiful trees. 
Jane: Look at these berries! What a beautiful colour! I love autumn. 
Charles: It would be lovely in our garden. What do you think, should we grow some apple trees or a walnut? We had big walnut trees in the garden, when I was a child. 
Jane: Great idea. I am thinking of a little vegetable garden, too. 

Meanwhile Emma played a lot with Hercule. Prince was like a giddy goat, jumped and run up and down, but the dachshund stayed by Emma's side. They both enjoyed the games.

After a few happy hours they had to go back home.

Jane: Prince, it is time to calm down a bit. Come home, let the hedgehogs sleeping, bad boy.
And Prince run to Emma so fast as if he would be obedient all day. Jane and Charles walked after them hand by hand.

To be continued... :)

Aaaaaand the news:
As Jane, I also got to know this morning (searching something else) that IKEA has a brand new HUSET toy furniture set!!!

Here You can see the picture:

 (picture is from: http://www.ikea.com/hu/hu/catalog/products/90292259/)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! :) (Please, please, Dear Customers, leave me just two sets until I can go there to buy - one for my daughter and one for myself! :))) ) 

Please, let me know if somebody has this set already, I would love to see more pictures with dolls using the furnitures! :) Thank You!