2013. április 26., péntek


Here she is! This cutie little girl is Emma Lewin, two and a half years old. She always give big hugs and kisses to Mommy and Daddy, loves dancing and singing and prefers doing things by herself without any help.

 Some pictures with Mommy:

As You can see, Jane has a new outfit. I like this greeny colour. Emma's crocheted vest (and the blanket on the bed) was made by my mother.

 The bed was made by my older sister about twenty years ago :) It is a chocolate box filled with cotton and covered with white-grey material. Tulips are from my Sylvanian Families collection. 

 Aren't they adorable together?

4 megjegyzés:

  1. Emma is adorable. I love your mom's crocheted items. Everything is so cute.

    1. I am glad You like them! :)
      I can't wait to show my Mom's new handmade dresses she is making for my dolls!

  2. She is really a darling sweet little girl