2014. december 24., szerda

Christmas Eve 2014

To celebrate Christmas Eve together, Jane and Charles invited Perla and Chris. (Jane's brother, John and his family traveled to his in-laws this year.)
Emma has just arrived home from Mark and she was very happy when she saw the Christmas tree.

Many gifts were waiting for the little princess.

Emma: Which one is mine, mommy?
Jane: That huge one. Just go and open it!

So Emma opened her first gift, it was a big dollhouse!

It has three storey inside.

Emma got Lego and some dolls, too.

Perla: Jane, this is yours with Charles.
Jane: Oh, it is heavy! What is in it?

Jane: Look, Charles, a china bowl and some glass jars.
Charles: Perla, did you hear hat I would like to make jam, didn't you?
Perla: Oh, yes, it was just bird singing...
Charles: Thank you! They will be very useful.

Perla: And here you are...
Jane: Beautiful scarfs! Thanks, mom!
Charles: Very pretty, indeed!

Jane: Mom, this is yours.

Perla: Oh, wonderful! I like this colour! Lavender... Yes, I think, this is my favorite shade.
Jane: And it is handmade! A very talented lady made it, her name is Marta.
Perla: Really beautiful!

Perla: Emma, come here, sweetheart! I have these packages for you.
Emma: Please, help me open them, Granny!

Emma: Oh, a Lego Friends tiger baby! Thank you, Granny!
Perla: And here is the other one...

Emma: What is it? A book?

Perla: It is a coloring book.

Emma: Look, there are some... some...
Jane: Labyrinth, honey.
Emma: Babyrinth. Labyrinth.

Perla: Let's show me the other toys.
Emma: Do you play with me?
Perla: Yes, I would like to play.

Jane: Chris, this is for you.
Chris: Oh, thanks!

Jane: Thank you so much for making the furniture for the kitchen!
Chris: You know that I love this job... It was a pleasure for me.
Charles: Just open the gift, bro.

Chris: Wow, a silver sneaker! Thank you so much!! Wasn't it too expensive?
Charles: Come on, Chris! Merry Christmas!

Before dinner they took some regular family photos with the tree.

The dinner table was waiting for them with very tasty food. There was a turkey with French fries (served in the new white bowl), some fruit and also some little Christmas cakes - all made by Charles.

While the others were still making some photos, Perla sat down to the couch. There was a picture on the wall of her husband, John. 
Perla: Oh, dear... I miss you so much...

Jane turn off the light to see the tree with its own shine. They all found it splendid.

Charles (whispering): Merry Christmas, Dear.
Jane (whispering): Merry Christmas!

The couple. 

 The little family.

A bit later they all sat around the table.
Chris: And what was your gift to each other?

Charles: Can we tell them now?

Jane: Of course. We had a very special gift to ourselves...
Charles: ...Because we have bought a site for our new home.
Jane: We will move next year.
Perla: Fantastic news! I am really, really happy for you!
Chris: Congratulation!


To be continued... :)

2014. december 23., kedd

Jane's Birthday

It was 22th December. Emma went to visit her father, Mark, so Jane and Charles could spend the day in two.

Jane decided to decorate the Christmas tree. 

This year they have bought a huge one. While decorating they talked and planned a lot about the holidays. Jane was very calm and happy. 

Jane: Ohhh... I got tired... This tree gave us a lot to do... Charles? Are you here, darling?

Charles: I am here... Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Jane: Charles! Did you really made this cake for me? It is wonderful!!
Charles: Even the roses, too. They were my first try. Do you like it?
Jane: I like it very-very much!! Thank you!

Charles: But that isn't everything. Here you are.

Jane: What a lovely package... I am so fortunate!

Jane: Oh, no...
Charles: What is it?...

Jane: Oh, MY GOD!

Jane: I LOVE it! It is beautiful! How did you know?...
Charles: That is my secret, honey...

Jane: I love you so much...
Charles: I love you, too. 

Jane: Thanks for these beautiful gifts...
Charles: Happy birthday, honey... I'd better go now and clean the kitchen. Just a few minutes and I will be here soon.
Jane: Then?
Charles: Then we can eat the cake, and watch a good movie, or...
Jane (laughing): Or just something else... I see...
Charles: Don't go anywhere.

They gave big kisses each other, then Charles went out of the living room.

Jane: Now, it is time to put over my stuff... Keys, vallet, mobile phone and the others...

Jane: Ready!

Jane: How does it look like? Isn't it just perfect?

To be continued... very soon :)

2014. december 7., vasárnap

Preparing For Christmas

Jane and Charles woke up early in the morning. They went to Chris who now lives in his brother's former house. When Jane stepped in she was surprised. Chris was working on something: new wooden furnitures!

Jane sat down in a new chair. There were a second one and also a wooden table.

And a new cupboard!
Chris: Here you are! How do you like it?
Jane: I have no words... I didn't know that you are so talented!
Charles: He is. Good job, Chris!
Chris: Thanks. This will be my Christmas present for you two.
Jane: Wow, thank you! Chris, you should deal with this.
Chris: Pa wouldn't like the idea... He wants me to became an engineer like bro.
Jane (laughing): Oh, no... However... a secret carpenter and a secret chef... How lucky I am!
All laughing.

Chris: The cupboard still need some glass.

Jane: That will be perfect. Finally my china can go to the right place.

Emma: And look this hiding place for me!!
Jane: No, Honey. That is for the dishes.

Charles: I would like to help Chris making the finishing touches. Can you stay here or rather go home?
Jane: We can stay, at least we all will be in the same place. I have an idea: Emma and me will buy some ingredients and come back to make our Advent wreath.
Charles: That is a good idea. Just give me a kiss before you leave.
Jane: And a second one...
Charles: And a third...
Emma: Mommyyyyyy!!!
Chris (laughing): But please, children are here...


In the afternoon, when the company became really tired, Jane put the new Advent wreath in the middle of the table.

Fresh pine scent wafted into the room. The little bells and balls gleamed in the lamplight.

Christmas mood took them all :)

This new wreath was built on the last year's base (tree branches - you can see it here). The candles are changeable because of the four tiny white bins. These are from birthday candle sets, I just cut their points and glued into the wreath. It was so much fun to make! :)

Have a nice preparation for Christmas, Everyone! :)