2015. augusztus 23., vasárnap

The Third Doll Collector Get-Together! - Thank You, Vik!

22th August 2015

Yesterday was our third Barbie doll collector get-together! This time we went to Vik and her boyfriend's apartment, a lovely place. At the first sight it took my breath away: in the living room she made a wonderful set together for us: there were a large dollhouse, a weekend house, a big swimming pool for adult dolls and a little for the children, a real sand box, a stage with instruments and working lights, and many-many little scenes starring Barbie dolls. It was simply amazing. 

Everyone in our little doll blogger community brought the most beloved and unique dolls to show and play together, and gifts for the friends. We ejoyed to watch closer these precious toys and hear the news from each other. 

As always, we loved to take photos of similar dolls together, like our five Happy Family grandmas: 

With two grandpas :) 
Our community's two Dasia dolls: 

And some special ones: 


We loved to make funny pictures (we also laughed a lot): 

It was wonderful to meet old friends again:

We are like family:

As for years now, we made a little a raffle with many beautiful items (everyone brought some so everyone could win), and the first prize was a fantastic blue car, an offer from Fricskamacska. I am very very pleased to say that the one who won this car was me, or more correctly my Jane and Charles! YAY!!!! :)

In the end of the day we celebrated our third year with champagne and a delicious lemon cake Marcsi has made for us with so much love and creativity!

I would like to thank You, girls for the fantastic happening, giving me new energies to continue my hobby and blog for You, our friendship and joy. Thank You, Vik and also Your boyfriend to take support, Fricskamacska and Ismi, Világbaba and Tündi, Marcsi, Bambuc (it was good to finally meet You in person), Judit and Irén. 

See You next Year again! :)