A Little Biography

Jane Westley
Jane is our main character, who lives with her daughter from her first marriage, Emma, and her fiancé, Charles. She is 34 years old, and moved to Rosemary Hill in April 2013, about one year after her divorce. She works in the Hill Library, and loves this job, because one of her hobbies is reading. Her favorite writer is Jane Austen.
She is patient, quiet and nice person who always helps others but inside she has much more passion and fire as anyone would think.

She met Charles Brandon, in September 2013. They are expecting a baby who will born in April 2016.

Emma Lewin
Emma is Jane's 5 years old daughter. She is a lovely little girl who loves dancing and singing. She is the sunshine in her family's life. She would like to have a sister. Or a brother. Or a sister instead.

Charles Brandon
Charles is 36 years old, and has an own business: he sells different softwares for medium and large companies. He loves cooking and baking at home, he is a very talented hobby chef. He is an attentive, devoted man, who not only loves Jane, but Emma also, and tries to be like the little girl's second father.

Perla Westley
Perla is Jane's mother. She lost her husband, John too early, so she was alone with her son, John Jr. and Jane for long years.
She is a warm-hearted, humble and helpful woman, and beloved granny of four (or from April: five) grandchildren. Now she lives in Rosemary Hill also, so she can help her family a lot. 

Mark Lewin
Mark is the ex-husband of Jane, the father of Emma. He is a musician and songwriter, and travels a lot with his band.
Mark and Jane met more than ten years ago when his career has not started up yet and wrote many songs to conquer her heart (for exmple 'Janey May' or 'When I Saw Her' which are still popular songs). 
He loved Jane and Emma very much but when the baby was born he was frightened. He loved freedom and solitude, too, and chose these instead of being a family man. Now he helps Jane as much as he can and is very grateful to have such a beautiful daughter and such an understanding ex-wife.

John Westley
Five years older brother of Jane, and son of Perla Westley. He became the head of the family when his father died so he had to grew up quickly. He is a real rocker, and he would do everything for his relatives.

Elinor Westley
Elinor is Jane's sister-in-law, beloved wife of her brother John Westley. She is a cheerful woman who loves motorcycle tours with her husband. 

John and Elinor have three children: 

William Westley
Willy is Jane's nephew, son of John and Elinor Westley. He is 12 years old, and the best student in the school. He wasn't born to be so wild like his father but also loves hiking in the nature. He loves animals and would like to be a veterinarian.

Elizabeth Westley
Lizzy is Jane's niece, daughter of John and Elinor Westley. She is 7 years old and her cousin's, Emma's best friend. Lizzy is a fearless and brave little girl, who is already attracted to motors. 

Daniel Westley
Danny is Jane's youngest nephew, son of John and Elinor Westley. He is 2 years old and the liveliest child in his family. He almost has the main role in the children's room.

Christopher Brandon
He is 26 years old, the younger brother of Charles Brandon, Jane's future brother-in-law. His hobby is making wooden furnitures. 

Tara Fay Rivers
Tara is Jane's best friend. She is like an angel and has a golden heart. They are very close and feel like siblings.
Tara is a few years older than Jane and runs an own business. She is the wife of Colin MacNeil...

Colin MacNeil
Colin (left on this picture) is the best friend of James Howard (former neighbour of Jane). He once went into a shop where he saw the most beautiful girl in the whole world (Tara :) ). He is the husband of Tara Fay Rivers. His father is Dr. Robert MacNeil (a famous plastic surgeon), mother: Victoria and his younger sister named Cecilia.

Summer Rivers
Tara's younger sister.

Lucille Rivers
Mother of Tara and Summer.

James Howard 
James is the neighbour of Jane. He is a business man and travels a lot. He lives with his wife and two daughters.
James is a handyman, his hobby is to repair everything at home. He loves to invite friends to BBQ parties.

Barbara Howard
Barbara is James's wife. She works as a leader at a company that sells cosmetics. She loves big parties and collecting outfits, bags and shoes. She and Jane became very good friends. Barbara and James have two daughters.

Henrietta Howard
Hetty is the older daughter of James and Barbara Howard. She is 13 years old. She is a very clever and sometimes too serious girl. She always has big plans for example being president at school. She sometimes babysits Emma and this time she plays as cheerful as a 3 years old baby because she loves children very much. 

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