2017. január 1., vasárnap

1th January 2017

After celebrating the new year, this is the first breakfast - almost lunch in 2017. The family is full of plans for the future.

Charles: ...So we have to renew the house in Spring.
Jane: I know. And Sweetie turns one so soon... I would like to take a little break in April to celebrate her first birthday calmly.
Charles: Of course. We don't have to hurry so much, her birthday is more important. Emma, you want some more juice?
Emma: Yes, thank you.

Jane: And what about the wedding's date? Your parents have asked me a few days ago if we did the decision yet.
Charles: What would you think for the best day?
Jane: I think June would be fine.
Charles: Okay. I am not so good at wedding planning, what are the first steps?
Jane: Don't worry, I will call some places to find the proper restaurant and will call the registrar, too.

Charles: Do we need a wedding planner?
Jane: I don't know... I have to think about it... Maybe it will be too expensive.
Charles: ...Oh, I almost forgot it! I have a cousin, Francie, who is a wedding planner. I haven't seen her for ages... I can call her if you want.
Jane: A cousin?? It would be great!! Emma, dear, eat the radish too, please. 

Charles: Francie and me spent the holidays always together in the house of our grandparents. Chris was much more younger than us so it seemed that I had an older sister. These were great holidays...
Jane: Oh, I would love to meet her. 
Charles: I will call Mom later to ask her telephone number.
Jane: So with a little bit of luck I will have some help for organizing everything. So can you look after the house?

Charles: Yes. Yours the wedding and mine the house, it is a big deal. Christopher promised to help me.
Jane: And you know that John is also always ready for join. Just call him, too.
Charles: All right. Mom for the phone number, Francie for the big day and John for the house. Fine. Just do not forget.
Jane (laughing): I will remind you anyway.

Emma: Will you have a white dress on the wedding day?
Jane: I am not sure. You know, I had a white dress once...
Emma: I know, I saw it on the picture with Daddy.
Jane: Maybe I choose a blue one, or a pale pink...
Emma: Nooo, a bride HAVE to wear a white dress, Mom!!
Jane: We will see...
Charles: I do not understand it but I think you would be beautiful in any colour!
Jane: Thank you, dear...

So the family finished the breakfast and enjoyed the new year's first day together. Jane and Charles both knew that there are very busy months ahead...

To be continued... :) 

2016. december 22., csütörtök

Merry Christmas! - 2016

Just a few days before Christmas...
It was a long time since we left the residents of Rosemary Hill, and I know I owe You some stories about Jane and Charles. This little family's life was as busy as mine, but now, they can also rest a bit and enjoy the holidays. 

Jane's 35th birthday has come and she got the most beautiful gift: they became a bigger family. Her baby girl is eight months old now, looks like her father, Charles, who is very proud. Emma turned six and next year will go to school. She loves her sister and always would like to take care of her alone, without their mother's help. The baby is calm and cheerful. She enjoys the love and care that surrounds her. 

This year they bought a really big Christmas tree. The whole family had a funny time decorating it with the old ornaments Jane took out of a shoebox. 

It was time to make some new family photos.

Charles made also a selfie of themselves: 

Then they sat down to the table and lit the four candles on the Advent wreath:

There are busy days ahead: hard working, moving again, preparing for the wedding, changes in physical world and also in mind to get a better and less stressful life. But these few days before Christmas are still theirs, together in peace and love.
Dear Readers, Followers, Friends and Dolly Fellows!
We wish You a heartwarming and joyful Merry Christmas! Big hugs from Rosemary Hill! :) 

To be continued... ;) :)

2016. szeptember 17., szombat


Our little story stopped a few month ago so I owe You some to tell.
It was in the beginning of April when Jane and Charles decided to make some changes in their home. Mainly because they got wooden pallets with the help of Christopher. Charles thought it would be great to make new furnitures for the living room so he compiled a sofa. They still needed a mattress but it worked with beddings also very well. 

The second reason that there was a guest on way who will spend time with them for a while. Charles went to the airport to pick up this guest...

She was an elegant woman with short black hair. She wore red pantsuit and carried a big suitcase. 

Charles greeted her with a kiss and big hug.

Charles: Hello, Mom. Welcome here.

Rosie: Oh, my dear! I am so happy to arrive. I missed you so much...

Charles: Is everything all right?

Rosie: Oh, no... One of my suitcases... It seems it lost or they brought it to the wrong plane. Very annoying.

Charles: Don't worry. I'll ask them at the customer service.

Rosie: It is just what I needed...

Charles: Never mind, Mom. You know what, I'll call Francie. Maybe she can help us to act quickly.

Rosie: Look how short my mind is... You are right, after all your cousin works at this airline. When I am nervous I can't thinking.

Charles: Good. Now let me show our new car. Last time you didn't see it.

Rosie: And your brother? Where is he now?

Charles: He isn't in town. You know he would come with me but he couldn't cancel this meeting.

Rosie: Is that a lumberjack stuff or something with a normal job?

Charles: Don't do that, Mom. I don't know but sure Chris will tell you. I don't want to argue about him at the moment.

Rosie: Right... And how about Jane and the baby?

Charles: I'll tell you the news in the car. The way isn't too short to home.

At that time Jane sat in the living room to rest a bit before her mother-in-law arrives. Charles asked her not to cleaning or doing anything exacting but she was a bit excited about the house. The baby was also heavy now, it hurted here and there and she couldn't sleep well for days so that was a hard time for Jane.

She had a feeling that this new baby won't be in her current residence for too long. Emma also arrived sooner so Jane closed her eyes and kindly asked her second child to stay there a little more.

'You are our April child, so be good and not born before that month...' - she sighed.

A few minutes later Emma came into the living room. She jumped onto the sofa. 

Emma: Mommy, are you sleeping? 

Jane: No I am not. Come and give me a kiss. 

Emma: What is the baby doing now? 

Jane: She have heard your voice. I think she woke up. Come and see.

Emma: She kicked me! She want me. She would like to play with me. 

Jane: I am sure. Do you love her? 

Emma: Yes. But I don't now what her name is.

Jane: We still didn't decide.

Emma: Decide??? Chazzy and you? Why do you have to decide it? 

Jane: When a child is born, they parents give him or her a name. So did we with your daddy when you was born. 

Emma: I think we should name her Barbie. Or Hermione.

Jane: These are beautiful names but we prefer Charlotte or Kate. We couldn't decide yet. What do you think of this two names? 

Emma: I think Hermione or Sleeping Beauty would be better. She isn't kicking now. Good night, baby! 

She gave  a kiss to her mommy's belly. After a few minutes they could hear the family car arriving. 

They heard the door and some quick steps coming closer.

Jane: Rosie! I was beginning to worry that the plane was delayed.

Rosie: Good to be here, Jane. Oh no, the plane arrived in time but there was some confusion with my packages. 

Jane: Oh, no...

Rosie: Charles is speaking by phone with his cousin, Francie. Do you know her? 

Jane: Not yet, but I know she works as a stewardess.

Jane: And how was your flight? 

Rosie: Pretty good. And you? Charles told me that the baby growing fast. How is my little grandchild? 

Jane: We are well, thank you. I am just tired a lot. 

Rosie: Oh, I remember... Chris was the bigger baby but Charles was the strongest. He made everything sooner than the others. 

Jane: I hope you will tell me more about his childhood. Please, sit down.

Rosie: It will be a long story... And Emma? Where are you, my dear? I brought you a little gift. 

Emma: I am here, Rosie. 

Rosie: How big girl you are, sweetheart! I didn't see you since Christmas. So the gift is because I have heard that you would like to be a doll-collector. It is my childhood doll, Polly. She is very old but I hope you will love her as much as I did.   

Emma: I love her!! Thank you, Rosie!! 

Jane: What a beautiful present! I see her skirt is the original one. Go and play with her in your room Emma, we would like to chatting a bit before dinner.

Jane: How is your husband? 

Rosie: My man is very well, thank you. He is very busy now. If only Chris could help him but he won't ever follow his father I am afraid. It makes him so sad...

Jane: I hope he can join us soon. I would like to introduce you my mother. I thought if it won't be too tiring you could meet her tomorrow. 

Rosie: It would be my pleasure. Ah, I can hear Charles ended the phone conversation. Here he is.

Charles entered the room and sat down. 

Charles: Just as I thought, Your suitcase is on another plane... I told that Francie and fortunately she can bring it with her in the weekend. Was there anything important in it? 

Rosie: Oh, some gifts from your father and me and a few clothes... It is so unpleasant...

Jane: Never mind. If you need someting we can help. 

Charles (laughing): At least everybody will get to know each other before the baby is coming. Jane hasn't met my cousin yet. 

Rosie: On the way home in the car Charles told me your new wedding plans. I think it is a clever decision to wait a half year or so. You will have a lot to do after she was born. 

Charles: We don't have to hurry. The baby's and Jane's health is more important. 

Rosie: And now I am also here to help. 

Jane: Thank you, Rosie. 

Charles: Mom, I show you the guest room. You can rest a bit while I am prepaing the meal. 

Rosie: Good, just first, let me take some family portrait to your father. I think he can't wait the news so I would like to call him and send the pictures. 

So they took some photos: 

Charles: How are you, dear? 

Jane: I feel very tired... But very hungry, too. 

Charles: My poor thing... I need just ten minutes to finish the dinner.

Jane: I saw that you have tried something new.

Charles: Yes, I didn't make seafood before. I hope you will like it, darling.

Jane: Sure. I don't know what to do without you...

Charles (laughing): Or what to eat. You are expecting a baby and still so skinny... 

Jane: Just give me a kiss before leave...   

Charles: Be careful or I won't go to finish the food...

Jane: Really? 

Charles: I missed you all day.  

Jane: I love you...

Charles: Me too...

Jane: Just go now...

Charles: Just promise to save some kisses for me after dinner. Yesterday you fall asleep before I went to bed. 

Jane (laughing): You were in the bathroom for ages. I heard you singing, it was my lullaby.

Charles: This night I will hurry. Ten minutes babe. 

To be continued... :) 


2016. augusztus 6., szombat

The Fourth Doll Collector Get-Together! - Thank You, Adri!

Today was our 4th meeting! This time my 6 years old daughter joined too, it was so much fun and so good to see my doll collector friends again - or some of them for the first time in person. 

Because it is late in the night, let my best pictures show the event's sweet memories :) 

Aurora and Snow White - our Disney Animators dollies :) Too sweet together!

One of four is a Barbie sized doll... :D (And one of them is my girl :) )

Dasia and her nieces ;)

New girls in town

Grandparents get-together

My favorite picture in every year: Grandmas together! How sweet!!! Every one of them has an own personality. Just like real twins :) Mine is the first from right in hat, white blouse and shorts.

Tim McGraw, Charles Brandon and Tim's wife Faith Hill :D :D

Tim and my Charles

Sweeties again - like bffs :D

Asian yoga/made to move doll - my favorite in the line and a must have on my wishlist... Her hands are in 'peaceful monk' pose :D

Jane played the piano... She didn't practice for ages... We have to make her a pianino I think :)

Best Friends Forever :) Elora and Jane, blogger dollie pals :) 

To be continued... :)