2013. augusztus 27., kedd

New Sofa - New Room

I've made my first Barbie sized sofa! I was afraid first and it isn't so perfect but finally Jane and her guests can sit down :) (I still need some pillows and curtains from the same material.)

For this new sofa I've made a new room. I don't think this is the final try, for example the green table and chair don't fit very well, but I need to make or buy some more furnitures to replace the wrong ones.

I used my new IKEA furnitures and a green telephone-holder chair :) 

I still love the white bookcase!

As You can see I printed my own family pictures and put them into the little frames: 

After finishing the new living room Jane invited Elinor for a little chatting.
Jane: I went to the attic yesterday to look for Emma's baby crib. It is still in very good condition. 
Elinor: Oh, you are so kind, but we did the same with Lizzy's crib and I think it will be perfect. But I didn't find the baby toys, maybe I gave them all away.

Jane: Emma still has her first toys. I will ask her to give them to the baby. 
Elinor: It would be nice. Thank you!
Elinor: I never thought of three children, but I am very very happy! It is so exciting, I mean after a son and a daughter who will come next? A girl or a boy? Of course Willy would like to have a brother and Lizzy a sister so one of them will be disappointed. 
Jane (laughing): When I asked Emma she answered that she would like them both. Maybe twins...
Elinor (laughing): Oh, no!

Suddenly John opened the door.
John: Hello girls, what are you doing here?
Elinor: We are planning the future with lots of children: boys and girls. What do you think about having twins?
John: Are you joking?
Elinor: Yes, it is just a joke. But who knows... Jane, just keep Emma's crib, too.

John: OK, but with four children we will need a new car.
Elinor: Oh, you have already found the positive side of having twins.
John (laughing): Of course!

Jane: Let's have a seat John, and tell us what were you doing today. 

John: Well, I were at the bank to talk about our financial position. They told me some good news so tomorrow I will go to a real estate agency. 
Elinor: I would like to go with you, Darling. 
John: I would like to ask you to do so. 
Jane: But please, don't forget what I said. I would be so happy to see you here in Rosemary Hill. 
John: We will see what they will say but I won't hesitate if it is possible. 
Elinor: I would love it, too!

John: Well, we have to go now. I will call you tomorrow, Sis.
Jane: Okay! So tomorrow.

2013. augusztus 25., vasárnap

We Did It! - First Barbie Collector Get-Together :)

Since I make this blog I've met some wonderful people - abroad but in my country, too: all of them are Barbie bloggers and doll collectors, talented women, who sew, bind, crochet and build a whole world for their beloved dolls.

Yesterday we did our First Barbie Collector Get-Together! We finally met in person, showed our favorite Barbies, exchanged stories, ideas, advices and wishes. I am sure you can hardly see so much dolls in one room we could this time! :) (OK, maybe those who own a huge collection LOL) We had a competition, and Miss Barbie 2013 was chosen! We had a tombola, too, where everybody won something - of course the grand prize was a Barbie :) I saw many beauties and some new favorites, got ideas and now there are more dolls in my head for my must-have list... I won some outfits! :)

But I won more: some happy hours with my new friends! It was a great pleasure, thank You, my Dear! :)

I couldn't take pictures but You can see some on Vik's blog, Fricskamacska's blog* and Világbaba's blog**.

But I don't like to write a new post without pictures so I am pleased to announce a major news! :)))

John: Mom, Jane, we would like to tell you something... Honey? 
Elinor: I am pregnant! Willy and Lizzy will have a new sibling!

Perla: Oh, what a beautiful news! I am so happy! A fourth grandchild! And when...?
Elinor: I am in the beginning of the second trimester. She or he will born in February.

Jane: I am so happy, too! Congratulations!
Elinor: Thank you, Jane!

Jane: Congratulations, 'Triple Daddy'!
John: Thanks, Janey! 
Jane: Now, you have to look for a new house! Two rooms won't be enough anymore!
John: Yes, this is true. We already plan it...
Jane: Please, move closer! I would be so glad to have you near me, and could help you and Elinor much more!
Elinor: Maybe we can think of it... 
John: I will look for our opportunities.
Jane: Great!

* and **: updates

2013. augusztus 23., péntek

John Has Arrived!!!!

Yesterday HE has arrived! He, Harley Davidson Ken, with the help of Fricskamacska's link who already has him. Thank You so much again!! H.D. Ken has arrived new in box (with certificate of course), and belive me, it was the hardest thing ever to open this wonderful packet :D Now he is my most valuable doll.

And here are the pictures :) Sorry for the amount of the photos but I couldn't stop myself...

A dream came true: meet John Westley!

I LOVE his jacket and all the details:

John and his wife, Elinor! (I know her boots don't fit the dress but I like them both...)

So much love...

And love again... :)

The Westley family:

John and his children, Willy and Lizzy:

My daughter came while I was taking photos and picked up Elinor :)  this is the result:

John and his Mother - my favorite picture. Isn't it beautiful? 

The little family: John with his Mom and sister. John and Jane lost their father too early and after that John become the head of the Westley fam. 
After seeing this photo Jane told her mother that she is a bit sad because John is like Mom but she isn't look alike. Perla answered that Jane was always like her father. 'He was so handsome' told Perla.

I would imagine that their father was like him:

John and his sister Jane: 

Best siblings ever! :)

John and Elinor:

John and the girls:

Daddy and daughter:

Daddy and son:
How could I resist him? I love taking family pictures!! Which one is Your favorite? :)

2013. augusztus 18., vasárnap

Colin's Question, Tara's Decision

One day after work Tara and Jane met in their favorite place in Rosemary Hill called Jenny's Inn. Fortunately their favorite table was free.

Tara: Oh, Jane, I am so happy to see you! I wanted to tell you the news personally...

Jane: After your phone call I was excited all day! Tell me, tell me what happened on your date!

Jane had to wait a little while they got tea and strawberry-cream cake.

Tara: Colin had a surprise: he gave me a bunch of red roses for our anniversary and asked something...

Tara:  He asked me to move to his house.
Jane: To move in together?? Oh, Tara, what a wonderful news! 

Tara: Do you think it is the best for us?

Jane: Are you hesitating? I am very happy for you because I see how much he loves you.

Tara (laughing): You are always too romantic, Janey.
Jane (laughing): Yes, that is always the problem with me.What did you answer?
Tara: I answered that I loved this idea. But now I am a little bit nervous.

Jane: I understand what you feel. It is always hard to change your life. You met him just a few months ago. You have an own life, a business and a little flat that is only yours. It is hard to leave for an unknown new life.

Jane: But I think you should give it a try. Life is too short to hesitate when your happiness is at stake. 

Jane: You don't have to sell your flat. Just move to Colin and you can still move back if you think it wasn't a good step. 
 Tara: Maybe you are right... I would love to live with him but I was afraid to make a decision what is definitive.

Tara: Maybe this short time doesn't mean that we make it wrong. I love him so much... I will look for a tenant.

Jane: Right. I will help you in everything.
Tara: Thank you my angel!
Jane: Oh, my dear, you will be the happiest couple!
Tara: I wish I could see your happiness, too...
Jane: Me too... I am so lonely sometimes. But I am happy here and our summer was so fun. Emma had a great holiday.
Tara: She is a lucky little girl who has the best mom and family ever. You know I grew up with my sister alone and have just our grandmother who died a few years ago. My sister lives far away and now you are my family.
Jane: Tara, me, my mom and John will always be here for you! You know that they love you, too!
Tara: I know, Jane. You are like a sibling.
Jane: Who would like to dance on your wedding day soon!
Tara (laughing): We will see...

2013. augusztus 11., vasárnap

Eventful Day

Hi Everyone,

I was on holiday so I have to tell You the news in one looong story :)))

Granny: Look at this bunch of lavender, Jane! How beautiful and fragrant!
Jane: Beautiful, indeed. 
Granny: I take it to the living room.

Jane was preparing lunch when she heard the doorbell ring.

Emma: Let me, let me! I want to open the door!
Jane: I have to lift you up for that.

Elinor and the children came in.

Lizzy gave a big hug and kisses to Emma.

Elinor: Jane, I am so excited! John could catch a flight but earlier than we expected. I have to go to the airport now. We have to bring home one of his colleagues so the children can't come. Would you be so kind to look after them?
Jane: Of course, it isn't a problem! Don't worry! I am happy to see John again.

Willy: Granny, Dad comes tonight!
Granny: I hear that, Willy. The best news!

Willy: Jane, can we go outside with Emma and Lizzy?
Jane: Yes, but be careful, and stay in the shadows.

Elinor: Thank you, Jane, Perla, I am so grateful. I am in a hurry...
Perla: Just drive carefully, Ellie!
Elinor: I will, I promise! See you tonight!

Half an hour later someone else knocked on the door: it was Mark.

Mark: Hello Jane!
Jane: What a surprise!
Mark: Sorry, I didn't call you, but our new drummer got ill so we cancelled the concert. Can I bring Emma with me for a few hours?
Jane: Sorry, but I don't really like this idea, Mark. I am preparing lunch, Elinor left the children here, John arrives tonight and I would like Emma to stay with her cousins and to meet her uncle.
Mark: Okay...
Jane: But you can stay a little if you want.
Mark: I don't know...

Emma: Daddy!! Will you play with me and Lizzy and Willy?
Mark: All right, I'll stay.

Meanwhile at the Howard's:
Hetty: Dad, we are at home! Look at my new school uniform we bought with Mom!

James: You are beautiful, Honey! But look at your new room!

 Hetty: Oh, are these the new IKEA furnitures? I love them! 

(I used Jane's bedroom to show You this lovely set, because I don't have any place for Hetty and because Jane hasn't got any furnitures for this place :) )

Hetty: Thank you so much, Dad!
Dad: You have to thank this to your Mom, too!
Hetty: I love you both, I have the best parents ever!

This little family miss just their younger daughter, who is in a summer camp :)

Colin: Darling, this is our second month anniversary...
Tara: Oh, Colin, so you didn't forget it...

Tara: I love you so much...

Colin: Me, too... Darling, I have an important question. Would you...

Excuse me, but I have to interrupt this story, because Colin asked his question by whispering... I have to wait and ask Tara what was that :)

Did You see the new outfits of Willy, Mark, James and Colin? These are all from a talented lady who sent me more clothes. I LOVE them very much!! I would like to take more photos, but my camera's battery was off. More pics come soon :) 

The new IKEA set's name is 'Huset'. I saw this furnitures by other bloggers first and went a few days later to buy them :)

And last but not least: I have bought a Harley Davidson Ken!!! Hurray!!! John Westley will arrive soon, and a dream will come true again :)