2016. december 22., csütörtök

Merry Christmas! - 2016

Just a few days before Christmas...
It was a long time since we left the residents of Rosemary Hill, and I know I owe You some stories about Jane and Charles. This little family's life was as busy as mine, but now, they can also rest a bit and enjoy the holidays. 

Jane's 35th birthday has come and she got the most beautiful gift: they became a bigger family. Her baby girl is eight months old now, looks like her father, Charles, who is very proud. Emma turned six and next year will go to school. She loves her sister and always would like to take care of her alone, without their mother's help. The baby is calm and cheerful. She enjoys the love and care that surrounds her. 

This year they bought a really big Christmas tree. The whole family had a funny time decorating it with the old ornaments Jane took out of a shoebox. 

It was time to make some new family photos.

Charles made also a selfie of themselves: 

Then they sat down to the table and lit the four candles on the Advent wreath:

There are busy days ahead: hard working, moving again, preparing for the wedding, changes in physical world and also in mind to get a better and less stressful life. But these few days before Christmas are still theirs, together in peace and love.
Dear Readers, Followers, Friends and Dolly Fellows!
We wish You a heartwarming and joyful Merry Christmas! Big hugs from Rosemary Hill! :) 

To be continued... ;) :)