2013. június 29., szombat

Daddy Has Arrived

Daddy has finally arrived! Emma was so happy, she ran and jumped into Daddy's arms.

Mark: Hello Darling, I missed you so much! Give me a kiss!

Mark: That was the most delicious kiss I've ever felt.

Mark: Hello, Janey.
Jane: Hello, Mark. Welcome here again.

Mark gave a gentle kiss to his ex-wife's cheek and enjoyed her hair's silky smoothing for a moment.  'Good to see you' he whispered.
Jane repressed an old memory.

Jane: Well... Come and have a seat. 

Mark: You are beautiful as always.
Jane: Please stop this or I get red.

Emma: Daddy, what you got for me?
Mark: Here you are. Mommy has something in this box, too.

Emma: A teddyyyyyy!! A Kittyyyyy!
Mark: This is the new Strawberry Hello Kitty for your little collection.
Emma: What is this?
Mark: This is a parfume for Mommy.

Jane: Oh, you didn't have to...
Mark: I know this is your favorite parfume. The last time we met I saw that your old bottle is empty.
Jane: But this is a big and expensive one...
Mark: Let me buy something special for my daughter's only mother if I want.
Jane: Thank you very much, Mark. I really love it. 
Mark: That's the only thing I wanted to hear.

Emma went to play with her new toy and Jane brought tea for Mark and herself.
Jane: How was your trip?
Mark: It was exhaustive. Sometimes we slept in sleeping bags on the airport.
Jane: And the tour?

Mark: It was really fantastic. We were in about ten countries in two month. Every ticket was sold out, the stadiums were full. They loved us.
Jane: Very good news.
Mark: Oh, the boys send you their greetings.
Jane: Thanks.

Mark: And what happened to you the last weeks? How were you?
Jane: Everyting was OK. Lizzy and Willy were there many times and Tara also visited us.
Mark: What about your workplace?
Jane: We had many to do but I like it. Alice is a nice girl and we can work now like a first class team.
Mark: And what about you?

Jane: I am fine, really. Tired but fine. I enjoy the weekends very much with Emma in the garden. Emma loves it, too.
Mark: And... Any other news?
Jane: I don't know what you are thinking about.
Mark You know... Did you met someone here?
Jane (laughing): Is it important for you? No. I didn't. But Tara did.

Jane told him everything about her neighbours and Colin. A bit later Emma left her Teddy and Kitty and climbed into Daddy's lap.

Emma: Will you stay, Daddy?
Mark: Yes, for two days. And then I have to go back to work.
Emma: No!
Mark: All right, I am here yet.
Emma: Come and play with me.
Jane: Just go and play, I prepare dinner.

Emma and Mark had a great time together till the evening.

2013. június 27., csütörtök

First Pictures Of Mark

Here he is, Mark Lewin, who has just arrived. That is my favorite photo of him.

And another just to show his face better:

He is a Cali Ken doll with blonde, red highlighted hair and coconut smell. :) Don't You think he is too handsome? :)

2013. június 25., kedd

If I Ever Had A Poppy...

...a Poppy Parker doll, she would be like her:

What a splendid doll!

I've never seen Poppy Parker until Vanessa showed a new purchase on her blog: http://vansdolltreasures.blogspot.hu/2013/06/finally-poppy-dolls.html

If I ever had a Poppy Parker doll, she would be the aunt of Jane. She would be a famous actress - how could be else such a photogenic lady?

Look at my other favorite types: 

I can't stop searching more and more photos...

2013. június 23., vasárnap

Breakfast In The Garden

On this Sunday morning the temperature was lower so Jane decided to have breakfast in the garden.

Emma was very happy, and brought her favorite toys.

Jane filled the glasses with orange juice and they began to talk about summer plans. Jane tried to explain her daughter what summer holiday is.
Jane: ... and you don't have to go to nursery and mommy don't go to work. Lizzy and Willy will come to play with you. 

Emma: And Granny? 
Jane: Yes, and Granny, too. 
Emma: And Daddy? 

Jane: Yes, Daddy will come, too. 
Emma: Where is Daddy? 
Jane: He is on tour. He was in Miami and now he is at a place called Jamaica. 

Emma: Maica? 
Jane: Jamaica.
Emma: Maica.
Jane got up for a moment to see the bush she replanted yesterday. It had bright green and healthy leafs. Jane was happy, she loves to work with plants.

Jane enjoyed this morning very much. There was a light breeze and the sun was covered in white clouds. The air smelled good. 

Emma has finished her breakfast and Jane had a surprise for her. 

Jane: Here you are, an ice cream.
Emma: Smurfs!! Thanks Mommy!

Emma: It is yummy!!

(Thanks for the fantastic handmade food to a real artist Sonja, for the grapes to my dear friend Pornphan and for the four little potted plants to dear Courtney!)

P.S.: Mark Lewin is really in Jamaica at the moment... I wonder when he will arrive :) Soooo excited!!! :))

2013. június 21., péntek

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday I got my first (used) Barbie house! I am really happy because Jane and Emma finally have a home.  
One little problem is that my daughter loves it, too, so I can borrow it only when she is sleeping :) So sorry but I didn't have much time to furnish it yet.

Here is Jane opening the front door. The bell has a real sound and you can use the mail slot.

The kitchen (the stove has doorbell-sound :D, the washing machines are working, too; the fridge miss the upper door but I don't mind):
Emma: Mommy, can I have a banana?
Jane: Yes, Honey.
Emma: I want to take off!

Emma: No!! I want a chocolate!
Jane: Oh, no... She spotted it...

The bathroom (the toilet and bath have also sounds):

A closer view (it has a little retro feeling I think :) ):

Always wash your hands! :)))

Emma: Where is Mommy?

Emma: Mommyyyyy???

Emma: I want to help!
Jane: Please, help me water the flowers!

Another news: my first Todd has arrived!!
Meet William Westley, nephew of Jane and cousin of Emma:
He was naked and I made him just pants yet - but he isn't mind because these days are very hot in Rosemary Hill!

Isn't he cute with his big green eyes? :)

2013. június 16., vasárnap

Black and White Summer Dresses

I would like to write a new story and I had many ideas but didn't have enough time yet... :(
So this time I would like to show You my new handmade clothes.

 Jane's dress has a tube shape with epaulets, belt and a headband.

 Emma's outfit was a bit more difficult and has a patent on the back.

Aren't they cute in their mother-daughter dresses? :)

P.S.: Some good news: Emma's father, Mark Lewin arrives to Rosemary Hill soon to see his little Princess :)
That means I won an auction of a new male figure LOL I am very excited, but need some new male outfits because... ehm... Mark is a little bit underdressed at the moment... :)

2013. június 9., vasárnap

Sunday Fun

Finally the sun had enough warmth to play in the garden. Emma was very happy.

 Jane brought a small basin with water so Emma could bathe her favorite toys.

Emma: Come on Kitty!
Jane: Did they finish the bath?

Jane enjoyed the sunshine. Emma took the figures out of the basin.

Emma: Look, Mommy! I take a bath!

Emma: Sorry, Mommy!
Jane: Never mind! The sun will dry the water.
Emma: My leg has cooold.
Jane: Here is a towel. 

Jane wiped her little feet and brought another basin of water - so Emma could continue her new bathing game all afternoon...

I would like to buy Emma a small pool. They need swimsuits, too!