2015. november 14., szombat

A Good Morning

It was a few weeks ago, early in the morning. Jane prepared breakfast for her family. She was a bit excited and didn't noticed Charles until he stepped to the table. 

Charles: Good morning, Darling.
Jane: Good morning! I wanted to wait for you in the evening, but I fell asleep.
Charles: I didn't want to wake you up. I had to finish some paperworks before going to bed. 
Jane: Sit down, please, I bring some fresh tea. 

Jane: OUCH!
Charles: What happened?
Jane: The pot was too hot...
Charles: Are you all right? ... Janey? Aren't you nervous, are you?

Jane: Okay, this is time... I can't wait more...
Charles: What did you say?...

Jane: You know, I told that I really wanted to wait for you last night. It is because I went to the doctor yesterday...
Charles: Jane!! You didn't mention this! Are you okay?
Jane: Yes, yes, you don't have to worry. I just...  We...
Charles: We?
Jane: It is a baby... We will have a baby, dear!

Charles couldn't say a word for some moments. His eyes became teary... Then he held his sweetheart, and lifted her into the air. He just hugged her so much and whispered her name.

Jane: Are you happy? 
Charles: Happier then ever... I can't believe...

He gave her kisses. Jane felt his teradrops in her cheek, so she had to cry also. It was like she had wings to fly. All her nervousness was gone.

Charles (laughing): Oh, I have to sit down a bit... Tell me, how much... When will our baby born?
Jane: In the end of April.
Charles: What did the doctor said? Are you well?
Jane: Everything is fine.
Charles: When will you know it's a boy or a girl?
Jane (laughing): Don't run so fast! He or she is just a little sweet dumpling yet. 
Charles: Did you see? 
Jane: Yes! Maybe next time we can get a photo.
Charles: A photo? Really? I would like to accompany you to the doctor next time. 

Immediately Emma ran into the kitchen.
Emma: Mommy, what are you talking about?

Jane: Come here, sweetie!
Charles: We have some news for you, Princess.

Jane: Some great news. 
Emma: What is it? 
Jane: You will have a little brother or sister!
Emma: YAAAAY!! I knew it! There is a baby in your belly? 
Charles (laughing): Yes, a baby. He or she will born next Spring. But Jane, you can't hold her, let me. 

Jane: Don't worry, I am fine.
Charles: I don't care. Stop lifting up heavy princesses and other stuffs. Emma, please, sit down.
Emma: I am soooo hungry!
Charles: Good. You have to take care of Mommy, all right? Will you help me?
Emma: Yes, Chazzie!

Emma: Mommy, I want a girl. No, a boy. We can call him Chazzie. No, I want a girl more.
Jane: We can't decide it, Emma. It will be a surprise!
Emma: Then what kind of toys should we buy for the baby?
Jane: The baby don't need any yet, sweetie. But he or she needs some food, I think... Let's eat. Bon appétit!

Charles just watched his beloved and smiled. He was thinking about the changes of their life. He felt pride but couldn't imagine what the baby will bring to him. He decided to talk with John after breakfast - his brother-in-law has three children after all. 

Charles: Did you speak with your mother and brother? 
Jane: Not yet. I would like to invite Mom for dinner, if you don't mind. 
Charles: Of course. I will make something. 
Jane: And your parents? They are too far. Would you like to wait till Christmas to tell them in person? 
Charles: Oh, my parents... I don't know. Maybe I call them after breakfast. Yesterday the wedding, now the baby...
Jane: What do you think, will they be happy? 
Charles: Are you kidding?? My mom will going to jump out of her skin for joy. 
Jane (smiling): It is okay then.   

Finally they began to eat and drink the cold tea...

To be continued... :)