2015. május 18., hétfő

Little Ballerina

This Saturday Emma had her very first ballet performance since she learn to dance. There were many little ballerinas from the pre-school, but Jane didn't see anyone else just her little Princess. She took many pictures of her.

Emma was the youngest, but did a very great job. Mark and Melanie also joined to watch her dance and her Daddy was really proud.

 After the show Emma run straight to her father's arms.

Emma: Daddy, did you see me?
Mark: Of course, we all loved your dance. You were very skillful!
Emma: So can we go to the playground now?
Mark We will ask Mommy. Mel, don't you mind?
Melanie: No, it would be fun.

Jane and Charles came after they talked with Ms. Taylor, the owner of the dance school, Emma's teacher.
Mark: Janey, what are your plans for today?
Jane: We haven't talked about it. Do you have an idea?
Mark: Can we bring Emma to the playground? She would like it very much.
Jane: All right. When will you bring her home?
Mark: Before six o'clock. We play tonight with the band. Season is open now.

Jane: Right. Now, come on, Emma, you have to go for your dress. A few minutes and we are ready.
Melanie: Can I come with you girls?
Jane: Sure! Let's go, Princess!

Charles: So you have much work now.
Mark: Yes, we play at least 5-6 times a week. I never fall into bed before two in the morning.
Charles: It sounds like college years...
Mark (laughing): Yes but I had much strenght then, we didn't need sleep.
Charles: So is it grueling?
Mark: Sometimes. I wake up at ten in the morning, have lunch with Melanie then go preparing for the night with the band or travel to new towns. 
Charles: So Melanie stays at home?
Mark: She works at Blue Owl, so she also lives 'nightlife'. We match very well, I think. And you? Is everything all right?
Charles: Oh, yes. We slowly furnish our new home. I never thought it would be so exciting.
Mark: I am glad to hear that. Jane is a great girl, she really deserves calm and happy life.
Charles: I know...

Jane and Melanie came back. Emma went to her Daddy and they said goodbye each other.

At home Charles decided to order a pizza. They both were very hungry. The pizza was great and they started chatting.

Jane: You were talking while we dressed up Emma, weren't you?
Charles: Yeah. Mark seems to be very busy. I don't think I would like that kind of life.
Jane: I can understand it...
Charles: Was it hard to live with a musician?
Jane: Before Emma was born it was so much simple. I didn't care that we don't have a normal life. Then I was more and more times alone.
Charles: And with a kid, he couldn't stay at home more?
Jane: No but I think he wouldn't like to give up all of this.
Charles: Because of why? Did he tell you?
Jane: Not really. But I could feel. It is his life. I was always just second in the line.
Charles: Were you mad at him?
Jane: Never. I got to know him when he was already famous. Just I didn't know that it is not the life I would like to live.

Charles: But you didn't left him. Why?
Jane: Because I loved him. I thought I can stay and get used to live with him.
Charles: And he? Didn't love you anymore?
Jane: No, I think he loved me. Loved me more than let me became depressed. And maybe the baby was too scary for him. He loves Emma but... Not a family-oriented man.
Charles: I see that he loves Princess. Just I was curious... He still calls you Janey with a warmth in his voice... I hope it don't hurts you...
Jane: No... Actually... I was very lucky. I can thank Mark my daughter... and you also. If he wouldn't left me I never came to Rosemary Hill and never met you...
Charles: Don't even talk about this. It would have been the biggest loss in my life.
Jane: Are you sure?
Charles (smiling): Of course, Babe.

After a long evening they spent with each other in love and happiness, Emma came home. Mark was in a hurry so they couldn't invite him into the house. But Emma had a little surprise there.
Charles: Look, Princess, I've made some cakes and doughnut for you.
Emma: My favorite! Thank you!!!
Jane: His latest recepies! Charles will be our home chef!
Emma: Yesssss!! And all is mine!!

They had lots of fun together.

To be continued... :)

2015. május 3., vasárnap

Mother's Day

It was the first Sunday of May, Mother's Day. Jane has just arrived home from the hairdresser and beautician - she thought it was time to make some changes in her style :) On the way home she bought a bunch of red roses, favorite flowers of her mother. Perla will come soon to bring Emma to her cousins at John's house, because Jane and Charles have a lot to do today.

Charles came to greet his beloved.
Jane: How do I look?

Charles lifted her high and gave her a long kiss.
Charles: You are beautiful! Although I also liked your real hair colour... Emma! Mommy is here!

Emma ran into the kitchen and jumped up onto the chair with a bunch of pretty pink flowers.

Emma: Happy mother's day, Mommy!
Jane hugged her and kissed many times.

Jane: You are my little precious!!
Emma gave her kisses to, but she had to run back into the children's room to continue playing.

Jane poured water into a glass and placed the flowers.

A few minutes later Perla arrived.

Jane: Mom! Happy Mother's Day!!
Perla: Thank you, sweetheart! Oh, what a nice hair colour! The hairdresser made a great job.

Jane gave her the roses.
Perla: Oh, my! I don't even know when was the last time I received such a bouquet of roses! They are amazing! And where is my little princess? 
Emma: I am here, Granny! 
Perla: So we can go. 
Jane: Don't you stay for a cup of tea? 
Perla: Oh, no. If we leave immediately, we can catch the bus. 
Jane: Oh, I know... Emma is ready. Have a good afternoon!

After Perla and Emma gone, Jane made tea and they started to discuss about the plan.

Jane: So where do we go first?
Charles: We need to select the tiles to the bathroom. The designer is waiting for us in the store. Then we can look around the furniture department.
Jane: I am so excited! We can go just give me a few minutes.
Charles: But don't you want to eat something before?
Jane: I am not too hungry. Maybe we can go to a restaurant after the consultation with the designer.
Charles: Okay, good idea. 

Jane: I am ready.
Charles: Head to the jungle!

My Dear Followers and Friends!

Two years gone since I started this blog. The result is 77 posts, almost 18000 page views and many happy moments! Many thanks for Your interest and kind comments, I appreciate your attention very much!

Happy 2nd birthday for us! :)

And because of the birthday we needed a special gift:
I got an own Dasia doll!!!! Here is my Big Beautiful Doll:

Let me introduce Amara Davis, Vanessa's aunt, a famous singer. Here You can see her with nieces :) The dress is just a floral patterned fabric wrapped around her body, tied with a red velvet ribbon. Fortunately I have found an orange coat which fits almost perfectly! The necklace and earrings are original and came with her.

Isn't she beautiful? I am very-very happy! :)

A little more update: Jane had to go through some changes and one part of that is her new body! She is fully articulated now which means her ankle is also jointed. She also can wear flats or high heals! One fly in the ointment is that the plastic over the ankles is cracked, but I hope it won't go worse (has anybody the same experience?).

Yesterday I bought on of these girls (that picture was at the back of the box), the standing blondie on the left. The head (with protruding eyelashes) went to Jane's former articulated body and she is my daughter's doll now. I didn't keep the trousers, just the shirt (although the pants are very nice) and the shoes: an elegant black high heals, and a black striped white sportswear. The black jacket went to the wife of John (Jane's brother, my Harley Davidson Ken :) ). This new doll also came with a brown and black plastic bag, I gave them to my daughter, too. 

Despite the cracking above the ankles I think it was a very good deal!!

See You next time! :)