2013. november 24., vasárnap

At Grandma

This kitchen arrived a few days ago and I felt in love with it :) This furniture is much more likeable than I thought. It came with a table and two chairs (and an armchair not seen in the pictures), and many little things. I've added some more stuff and gave this kitchen to Grandma :)

Perla was working in the kitchen when the doorbell rang.

It was Jane and Charles.
Perla: What a surprise! And where is Emma?
Jane: She is with her dad. We are on way to bring her home from Mark.

Perla: Will you stay for dinner?
Jane: No, Mom, thanks. We just wanted to pop in.
Perla: Let me bring you a cup of tea then. Please sit down for a while.
Charles: It is cold and rainy outside. A cup of hot tea would be perfect, thank you.

Jane: Mom, it is time to speak about the holidays. Mark and his band start an 'end of year' tour next week. He will arrive home only on 26th December, so he told me he would like to be with Emma from 26th to 28th. We have to days for family celebrations. What is your plan?
Perla: John has already invited me to help Elinor.
Jane: She has just a few months back... I understand it.
Perla: She is planning a big family lunch on Christmas Day.
Jane: Good idea. My house is too little for that.

Jane: Charles, what about your plans?

Charles: I used to travel home every year but this time my parents got a ticket to a ship for a Christmas and New Year's Eve voyage so they won't be at home. My brother goes skiing with his friends.

Jane: I am so happy! I was afraid to miss you at Christmas Eve...
Charles: No, I can stay with you. That's all I want for Christmas.
Jane: You are so sweet!

Jane: We have to go now. Please, take care of you, Mom.
Perla: I send  hugs and kisses to Emma.
Charles: Thanks for the delicious tea!
Perla: Take care on the road!

After they left, Perla was alone again. She made her dinner and sat down to the table.

Perla: Christmas again, with full of plans, comings and goings and the time always flies... This year Mark won't be with us, but Jane is finally happy again with Charles on her side... I will have four grandchildren soon to share love with and get so many joy and laugh... Where are our calm and long Christmas holidays with my beloved and my little children? John, I miss you so much...

2013. november 16., szombat

Meeting The Family

Jane and Perla was waiting for Charles for the first time together. Who knows which one was more excited?

Jane: He will be here soon.
Perla: Do I look all right? Maybe I had to go to hairdresser...
Jane: Oh, no, Mom, you look fantastic!
Emma: Who comes, Mommy?
Jane: Someone whom Mommy loves very much! His name is Charles, you know, he is on that photo with Mommy.
Emma: I know. Charles. 

The doorbell rang.

Jane: It is him!
Perla: Emma, come to me.

Jane went to open the door.

Jane: Mom, Emma, he is Charles.
Charles: My name is Charles Brandon, nice to meet you, Mrs. Westley. Jane has told me a lot about you.
Perla: My name is Perla, please. I am happy to meet you.
Jane: Emma, please, say hello to Charles. 
Emma: Hello...
Charles: Hello little Emma. Can I give you a kiss?

Emma was a bit shy so first Charles gave Perla a bunch of beautiful flowers. 
Perla: Jane, please, bring me a vase for these.

Charles: Emma, look, I met this bunny across the street. He wanted to come with me.
Emma: How cute! I love this bunny!

With her new bunny in her hands Emma became brave enough to sit on his lap. Charles and Perla began to talk and get to know each other. They all enjoyed the night. Perla was smiling all the way home and was very happy that her daughter found a likeable and intelligent man - and last but not least he is so handsome!

After Perla was gone Charles helped the girls finish this gingerbread house. Maybe it is too early but it was the first time Jane wanted to make one, and she thought why not? She has already baked the walls and roof, they had only to decorate it with strawberry and lemon cream and lots of sweets.

Does it look yummy? :)

Nice preparations for christmas! :)

2013. november 10., vasárnap

What's In A Woman's Handbag? :)

Well actually, not so many things yet... :) But I would like to show You my little collection for Jane's bag (sorry for the quality of the pictures!):

So let us see!

A tiny bunch of keys, a comb, a mobile phone, a wallet and 'Nivea' hand cream (little blue 'jar').

Jane has two keys (one for the front door and one for the garden gate), a Buddha keychain and a litthe gem charm.

Here is the little red wallet I've made of craft foam :)

Jane's mobile is a Samsung Galaxy Micromini :)

And I still LOVE her new articulated body :D

Bye bye!

2013. november 4., hétfő

Disney Princesses In The Toy Shop

Perla went to shopping and she looked in the toy section, too. She went to a shelf where she saw some Disney Princess dolls.

Perla: Christmas is coming. Which one should I buy for my little princesses?

Perla: Rapunzel, Ariel, oh, a beautiful Tiana!

 Perla: ...Belle, Sleeping Beauty... Another Belle and Snow White...

Perla: Let's see them closer...

Which one do You think she should by for Emma and Lizzy? :)

I've 'rented' these little princesses from my daughter. We have a Jasmin, Ariel with flipper, too, but they are lost somewhere in the living room :) And we have also a Cinderella, but she is already in Emma's room :)
I've made their packaging using match boxes and some plastic from a Barbie box. I covered them with different origami papers (they are easy to glue) and decorated with little stickers - it was so much fun :) Do You like the result?

2013. november 3., vasárnap

Jane's New Way Of Life :)

Hi Everyone!

Last week I've made my final exam successfully so I became software engineer :D
Although the last month was extremely busy I've got a few things for my dolls, You can see some of them in this post and some others in the next one or two.

Jane and Charles are in love for about one and a half month. As You can see Jane got a new body!! And of course they have new outfits, too. Thanks for the man's dresses to my dear Friend, Fricskamacska!! :)

The body-donor was my new doll: Summer. She is the younger sister of Tara.

Summer has a beautiful face and lovely hair but I was very nervous before the operation...

In the end I was relly happy with the result! This body fits Jane very well, finally she can dance with her beloved! They were posing together for hours in different movements... :D

In the afternoon they went home. Emma was out with Mark so they could talk a lot. Charles was looking through family photos. 
Charles: Who is this handsome man? I am jealous...
Jane: Oh, he is my father. 
Charle: I am sorry Jane, I didn't want to hurt you...
Jane: Never mind! This is my favorite picture of him. I miss him very much...
Charles: You are like your father. The same face and eyes. He would be glad to see how beautiful his daughter is. 
Jane (smiling): Thanks...

Charles: I would like to meet Emma too, and later your mother and bro.
Jane: Yes, I think the time has come. We can do it next week.
Charles: Oh, I almost forgot that I have to travel to the capital because of a business.
Jane: Will you be long there?
Charles: Just a couple of days.

Jane: I got a message from Tara. She will come in an hour. Can you stay?
Charles: I can't I am afraid. I have to pack up.

Jane: I will miss you so much...
Charles: Me too, Honey.

Charles: Come and give me a kiss...

Charles was gone and an hour later Tara arrived. Jane had a big surprise: Tara brought her sister, too!

Jane: Summer! I haven't seen you for ages!! You look so beautiful!
Summer: Thanks, Janey! Good to see you again.

Jane: When did you arrive? How long will you stay?
Summer: I came yesterday. I don't know yet, I am looking for a job.
Jane: What happened?
Summer: I broke up with my boyfriend... And I had to left my former job because he worked there, too. 
Jane: I am so sorry, Summer.

Summer: At least I can meet Tara's Colin. I've heard about him a lot... And I've heard you also found someone... I thought you will give Mark another chance one day...
Tara: Oh, Summer, please...
Jane: No problem, Tara. Mark is just like a friend for two years now. I met Charles and I couldn't be happier.

Jane: I have a picture from our first date.
Summer: Wow, how handsome he is!
Tara: I would like to meet him...We have to go out together next weekend.
Jane: Okay.

The girls were chatting all night. When they left, Jane went to change clothes to sleep... But the doorbell rang...

Jane: Who is that?

It was Charles! 
Charles: I couldn't leave you without a last hug and kiss...

Jane: Oh, Charles...
Charles: You are so beautiful...

A few hours later...
Charles: Can I sleep with you? My bag is in the hall ready for the trip.
Jane: Of course, you can. 
Charles: I love you, Honey. 
Jane: I love you, too!