2013. október 5., szombat

Waiting For Emma's New Cousin :)

The birthday was gone and Emma still loves to wear her new princess outfit :)
She was playing with her new toys when Mommy came to her room. 

Jane: Sweetie, your room is full with old toys you didn' play with for ages...
Emma: I am playing with Kitty and Bunny!
Jane: I have an idea: what if we would collect the old toys in a box and give it to Auntie Elinor for her new baby?
Emma: Okaaaaaay! Let me help!
Jane: Of course I will! Please, bring me that empty box!

Emma: Here is the box.
Jane: So what would you give to the baby?
Emma: I put in the box...this ducky.
Jane: All right.

Jane: I think you don't need those baby rattle and car.
Emma: Baby rattle and car.

Emma: I give to the baby this ball and beads.

Emma: Ready!
Jane: You are very clever! I am proud of you!

Jane: Now everything is in order. We have enough room to play with your new toys now. 

Emma: Let's play with the cat mommy and cat daddy!


Please excuse me, this month will be very busy, because I have a final exam in the end of October. Maybe I won't post any new stories for a while but don't be afraid, I will read blogs and plan many new posts for November! Please, cross fingers for me! Many thanks!!!! :)