2013. december 24., kedd

Christmas Morning

It was the morning of 24th December. Emma woke up early, and ran into the living room to see the Christmas tree. Her mother, Jane and Charles were already there. 

Jane: Good morning, Sweetheart!
Charles: Hello, Princess!
Emma: Hello! Have you seen Santa?
Jane: Look at the tree, Honey.

Emma discovered some boxes under the Christmas tree.

Emma: Whoooooo... Santa was there, Santa was there!!

Emma: He brought me a baby buggy!!

Charles: Look at this little critter.
Emma: Gee! A kittyyyyyy!!!!
Jane: Oh, a new addition to our tiny Sylvanian Families collection! So cute! Thank You, Charles!

Jane: I wonder what is in this package?
Emma: Let me, let me!

Emma: Ooooh...
Jane: A princess outfit! Would you like to try on?
Emma: Yeeeeeees!! Thank you, Mommy!

Jane: Now, it is your turn. Merry Christmas, Dear.
Charles: Wow, thank you!

Charles: Did you see me watching this in the shop, didn't you?
Jane: When we bought the gifts for Mom, yes. Do you like it?

Charles: Yes, absolutely! I almost bought it then, but hesitated so much and we had to leave the shop.

Charles: And what is this?
Jane: It is Chinese tea for your new teapot to try. It is Pu-Erh from Yunnan, "the land of eternal spring". It is red tea and very healthy.
Charles:  Wow, that sounds great. I will make us with a pot after the breakfast.

Jane: Wait, this is another one, from me, with love.
Charles: Thank you!

Jane: I thought they will be good for your living room.
Charles: Perfect, I like them. The colours will fit very well.

Charles: It is my turn now. Merry Christmas, Honey.
Jane: What a beautiful chair! And old! I love it!
Charles: For your bedroom. (laughing) We are real interior designers, aren't we?

Jane: Thank you so much!
Charles: I love you, Jane. Merry Christmas!

Emma: What are you doing here?
Charles: How about a delicious Christmas breakfast, Princess?
Emma: Hurray!
Jane: It sounds great. Let's go.

Merry Christmas, Everyone! :)

2013. december 23., hétfő

The Fourth Candle On The Wreath... Joy :)

It was the last Sunday of Advent, two days before Christmas, and Jane celebrated her 32th birthday.
Emma was still with Granny, but Charles fortunately had time to spend with her.

Jane had to wait in the kitchen for a while, and he prepared some surprises for her.
Chales: Voilà! Happy birthday, Darling!

Jane: Oh, how lovely! Thank you so much!

The cake looked really delicious.The wine was sweet, perfect for desserts.

Charles: To tell the truth, I made this cake with my own hands.
Jane: Oh, really?? I can't believe this... I never thought you like baking...
Charles: I love cooking but never made any sweets. This is my first cake.

Jane: This is fantastic! You've really surprised me!
Charles: I am really happy. I was afraid it won't be okay.

Charles: And another gift...
Jane: Oh, my God! What a huge box!

Jane opened the gift - it was a big china jewelry box!

Jane: It is so beautiful!
Charle: It was my grandmother's.
Jane: I am impressed, really...

Charles: It isn't not the only gift. Let's open the box!

Jane: Oh, my God!!! A crystal necklace!
Charles: I bought it in that little jewelry, where we were last week.

Charles: Let me help, Honey... All right. You are so beautiful!!

Jane: I love that all, thank you so much for this wonderful birthday! I love you!

Charles: I love you, too...

Have some nice dreams tonight, Everyone! :)

2013. december 22., vasárnap

Visiting Granny

Perla was very busy this evening, she had a lot to do before Christmas. As You can see she was working on something soft and and warm... But I wonder for whom?

Immediately she heard opening the front door. Oh, she almost forgot her visitors!

Emma ran into the room and Jane followed.
Emma: Granny! Granny!

Perla: Hello Sweetheart! Jane, I am sorry, I didn't look at the clock.
Jane: Never mind, Mom. Thank You so much for taking care of Emma tonight.
Perla: I LOVE the days You leave her with me.
Emma: I would like to help you baking cookies, Granny!
Perla: Of course we will make it together! It will be so much fun!
Jane: That will be great, Emma! Mommy have a lots of work today. 

Perla: What if Emma would stay and sleep here one more day?  So we could prepare for Christmas, decorate this old house...
Jane: Could she?...
Emma: Oh, yeeees, Mommy, pleeeease!
Perla: Will Charles celebrate with you tomorrow?
Jane: Yes, he will.
Perla: I would like you to have a birthday you really deserve... In two.
Jane: Thank you, Mom. I love you.
Perla: Me, too.
Emma: Me, too!

Jane: Have a nice time together! Bye, Mom, bye Sweetie!
Perla and Emma: Bye bye!

Perla: Let me give you a very big hug, my Sweet Little Princess! I have many plans for us!

2013. december 15., vasárnap

Faith, Hope And Love...

Time flies, and Jane don't know where her head is... 
She still have to buy some Christmas gifts and wrapping papers, the tree and some food... 

But tonight she stopped for a while and enjoyed her beloved daughter's and boyfriend's company. 

Three weeks ago she made the Advent wreath:

And now they lit the first, the second and the third candles named: Faith, Hope and Love...
Jane felt something very warm and good...

Faith, Hope and Love...
Have a wonderful night, Everyone!

2013. november 24., vasárnap

At Grandma

This kitchen arrived a few days ago and I felt in love with it :) This furniture is much more likeable than I thought. It came with a table and two chairs (and an armchair not seen in the pictures), and many little things. I've added some more stuff and gave this kitchen to Grandma :)

Perla was working in the kitchen when the doorbell rang.

It was Jane and Charles.
Perla: What a surprise! And where is Emma?
Jane: She is with her dad. We are on way to bring her home from Mark.

Perla: Will you stay for dinner?
Jane: No, Mom, thanks. We just wanted to pop in.
Perla: Let me bring you a cup of tea then. Please sit down for a while.
Charles: It is cold and rainy outside. A cup of hot tea would be perfect, thank you.

Jane: Mom, it is time to speak about the holidays. Mark and his band start an 'end of year' tour next week. He will arrive home only on 26th December, so he told me he would like to be with Emma from 26th to 28th. We have to days for family celebrations. What is your plan?
Perla: John has already invited me to help Elinor.
Jane: She has just a few months back... I understand it.
Perla: She is planning a big family lunch on Christmas Day.
Jane: Good idea. My house is too little for that.

Jane: Charles, what about your plans?

Charles: I used to travel home every year but this time my parents got a ticket to a ship for a Christmas and New Year's Eve voyage so they won't be at home. My brother goes skiing with his friends.

Jane: I am so happy! I was afraid to miss you at Christmas Eve...
Charles: No, I can stay with you. That's all I want for Christmas.
Jane: You are so sweet!

Jane: We have to go now. Please, take care of you, Mom.
Perla: I send  hugs and kisses to Emma.
Charles: Thanks for the delicious tea!
Perla: Take care on the road!

After they left, Perla was alone again. She made her dinner and sat down to the table.

Perla: Christmas again, with full of plans, comings and goings and the time always flies... This year Mark won't be with us, but Jane is finally happy again with Charles on her side... I will have four grandchildren soon to share love with and get so many joy and laugh... Where are our calm and long Christmas holidays with my beloved and my little children? John, I miss you so much...