2013. április 16., kedd

A New Neighbour

Jane got a new green jacket from ebay. Isn't she pretty? I am a little envy... :) I made the scarf and the skirt about fifteen years ago, when I was a child.

Here she is with a Groovy Girl handbag.

Now, meet my old doll from the 90's!

Jane was walking on the street when she met a friendly lady.

Barbara: Hello, excuse me, I know you are our new librarian, I saw you arriving. My name is Barbara Howard, and I am your neighbour.
Jane: Oh hello, nice to meet you! I am Jane Westley.

Barbara: I live in the red roofed house right there. I would like to invite you for tea.
Jane: What a lovely house and garden!

Jane: Thank you so much for the invitation!
Barbara: I think we will be friends soon.

Look at Jane's shadow, I think it is beautiful!!

4 megjegyzés:

  1. That's nice that Jane has a new friend now. I love both outfits.

    1. Thank You, Vanessa! Barbara needs a few new outfit... :)

  2. The green jacket is fabulous and the iniative with the scarves too