2014. június 1., vasárnap

New Characters On Their Way

Jane and Emma were awake early in the morning. Mark asked Jane to bring Emma with him on a longer tour than usual. Emma was very happy and excited. She helped to pack up for the journey.

Jane: Emma, please tell daddy that we packed your towel, too. Would you still like to bring the princess gown?
Emma: Yes, mommy! And these handbags, too.
Jane: All right. This bag is big, there is enough place for the dresses and your toys, too, sweetie.

Charles entered the room.
Charles: It is quiet cold outside. What a May...
Jane: Yes, and I don't know how many dresses will Emma need there.

Charles: Don't be afraid, she will be all right. Good weather predicted for the next week. Summer is coming sooner than we expected.
Jane: I don't like neither too cold nor too hot weather...

Jane: Emma, please, bring your toothbrush and toothpaste from the bathroom.
Emma: I go!

Jane: Mark must be here soon. What would you like to do after they go and before the plane arrives?
Charles: Maybe we can go shoppig first.
Jane: Dou you plan to make one of your fantastic dinners?
Charles: Of course.
Jane: I love the idea. And I am sure your brother will love it, too!

Emma came back from the bathroom.
Jane: Okay, we are ready. Now I have to make your hair. It is a bit disheveled.

Jane: So we go shopping and what if we would upload the fridge in your flat for Christopher? Is it okay for him to stay there alone and not with us? I am afraid for that but we don't have any space for an extra bed.
Charles: No, he won't mind. He told me he will be happy to finally meet you.
Jane: I feel the same. I hope to meet your parents in this summer, too.
Charles: I hope so. My mother is still confined to bed and my father don't want to leave her alone.
Jane: I know. If I were him, I would do the same.
Charles: A car has arrived, did you hear? I think Mark is here.

They all went outside and Charles was right. Mark came through the gateway. They greeted each other and Emma went to her father's arms.

Mark: Jane, maybe I had to tell this earlier, I am sorry...
Jane: Yes? Tell me what?
Mark: There will be not just me and Emma... One of my friends will come, too.
Jane: One of your friends? Who?
Mark: Her name is Melanie.
Jane: Melanie... You didn't mean to say that she is in the car, do you?
Mark: Yes, she is there.
Jane: Are you joking? Why did you leave her there??
Mark: Can I introduce her to you?
Jane: For God's sake, of course!

Mark and Emma brought the bag to the car. Jane was angry.
Jane: What the hell did he think of me? Am I a cannibal beast?
Charles: You don't have to be so angry. He just didn't know how to do that.

Mark came back with a beautiful blonde lady. Jane was sure she saw him with Mark earlier.
Mark's girlfriend: Hello, I am Melanie Walters. I have heard a lot about you.
Jane: I am Jane, nice to meet you.
Charles: Charles Brandon, hello.

Melanie: I hope we will have a great time with Emma. And hope to meet you again after we come back.
Jane: Me, too. Have a good journey.

Mark: Girls, can we go?
Emma: Yes, daddy!!!
Mark: So give big kisses to mommy.

Jane: Oh, my little sweetheart! Have a great, great holiday! I love you!
Emma: I love you, mommy!
Charles: Hello, little Princess!
Emma: Bye-bye Chazzie!
Jane: I will miss you so much... Charles, don't forget to call me as soon as you have arrived!
Mark: I promise!
Melanie: We won't forget it!

The farewell was tearful for Jane. After they left, she collapsed into his arms.
Charles: Everything will be all right. It is not the first time for Mark with Emma...
Jane: But with the first in three. Will she love her?
Charles: Do you mean Emma or Melanie?
Jane: Oh... I mean both...
Charles: Emma is a sweat little girl, darling of her father. And I think Melanie is the person who would like the best for her and Mark.You will see.
Jane: You are right. Give me a kiss and then we can go shopping. Time flies.
Charles (laughing): And so my bro. Come on, my love!...

To be continued... :)