2013. május 31., péntek

Wishlist - The Second Part

I have found cute sets of Stacie, Whitney and Janet named Flashlight Fun:

Stacie & Pooh - picture is from http://farm5.staticflickr.com/4090/4837700702_05b84d8b4b_z.jpg 

Whitney & Piglet - picture is from http://www.mfd.net/media/images/large_flashlight_fun_whitney_2674.jpg

Janet & Tiger - picture is from http://cdn102.iofferphoto.com/img/item/156/264/993/zpk-l2-8-i-9.jpg

It wasn't easy to find picture in the right size to show You these cuties. Piglet is my favorite character (and my daughter's, too) so I would love to have her first. I think Stacey and Whitney would be great for older Emma and Lizzy :) I love Janet, too, she could be Emma's friend.

Do You like them? :)

2013. május 28., kedd


It was late in the evening. James called his wife to tell her that the flight was delayed because of bad weather. Barbara was jumpy. She couldn't relax just walked up and down. James was on this trip too long... She missed him very much. 
Hours went by and she became very tired. She didn't want to sleep, just looked out the window. Everything was silent. The windows of Jane, her new neighbour were dark. A slight breeze moved the leaves of the big tree in the middle of the garden. Her eyelids were heavy...

Suddenly a car engine's voice reached her ears. It is James! The car stopped. A door closed behind. A key rang. 

And James was there in the room, finally! Barbara run and jumped into his arms. It was so warm and familiar there! James embraced her tightly and gave a big kiss to her lips...

James is my first male doll. When I was a child I always wanted him as a partner of my Barbie. Finally he is there! Excuse me for the lights and the quality of the picture but it is late in the night here and I wanted to take a photo so much of these two...

Look at Barbara, how happy she is!
Let them enjoy the moments which are so beautiful and go away too quickly.

2013. május 26., vasárnap

Big Fashion Set

The Children's Day was fun, Emma and Lizzy had a great time at the fair. Here they are with their new handbags (real little Ladies):

Emma got a second one too, and a Winnie the Pooh from Mommy: 

As You can see, the girls got new outfits. Today while my daughter was picking up Playmobil figures from the shelves, I found a Big Fashion Set from Simba:

(The picture is from http://www.amazon.de/Simba-Toys-105721057-Love-Fashion/dp/images/B006IS9UYK because I forgot to take a picture before opening.)

These outfits and shoes fit Evi dolls like Lizzy, so they are a little big for Emma - although she got many from this set (Lizzy owns just the purple shoes and red slippers, darker pink handbag, summer dress she wears on the photo and the other outfit with big polka dots).

2013. május 25., szombat

New Experiment: New Room

I didn't like Jane's room so I decided to make a new one. It was my first try to make a Barbie sized room. with a little wallpapering.

Here is the result:

The wall is a paper folder covered with white and "wooden" adhesive sheets.It is as big as You can see on the picture :) It leaves less space for the room itself...

I have found a few new items for Jane and Emma. The white vase is a fridget magnet but has normal shape and a hole inside for flowers.

My favorite finds of the week: little glass bottles! There are tiny beads for nail decoration and cost just 50 HUF = about $0,22 / bottle! On ebay I just found (empty) for $1! :) I have to go back to this shop and buy more... 

Tomorrow it is Children's Day!

Jane: Emma, tomorrow we will take a bus and travel to Uncle John and Auntie Elinor! We will go to a fair and you can play with little Lizzy!
Emma: Hurray!!!

The room is not the best yet, it is just a halfway... I need a bigger rug, a sofa, a bigger bed for Jane and a whole room for Emma... So many things :D

Another thing: I would like to buy Grandma this month but the sellers don't ship to Hungary or the price is too high... I keep searching.

2013. május 12., vasárnap

Relatives and Friends

I haven't told You much about Jane's family yet. Her mother lives far but she has an older brother, John, who lives next town to Rosemary Hill. John Westley has a wife, Elinor, and they have two children: an 8 years old son William and a 4 years old daughter Elizabeth. Jane and her brother are very close to each other. John calls her every week (it means really often for him) and always asks if he could help his sister. Jane helps him often too, as today.

This is Elinor Westley, Jane's sister-in-law. She brought her daughter to Jane - Lizzy will stay with her aunt this weekend because Elinor and John are going to take a motorcycle trip.

Elinor: Hello Jane and Princess Emma!
Jane: Hello Elinor! And here is my sweet Lizzy!
Lizzy: Hello Auntie Jane! Hello Emma!
Emma: Lizzy, Lizzyyy! 
Elinor: We are so grateful, Jane! John has planned this trip since Lizzy was born. Finally we can do it. 
Jane: You should have done this long ago. I am happy because I know how much this means to John. Don't worry about us.
Elinor: You are the best sister!

Elinor: Have a great weekend, Darling!
Lizzy: I love you Mom!
Jane: Lizzy, Emma, go inside the house, just a moment and I will come, too.

Elinor: What a beautiful flower! You are a talented gardener, Jane.
Jane: Oh, no, these were the plants of the former owner.

Jane: And where is Will now?
Elinor: He is with his best friend, Josh. They went camping with the boy's father.
Jane: Take care and have a good journey! Kisses to John!
Elinor: Thank you, Janey!

A few minutes later someone else has arrived to Jane. She is Tara Fay Rivers, Jane's best friend!

Jane: Tara! We haven't met for ages!
Tara: Good to see you again, my dear Jane!

Tara: How are you? You look so beautiful!
Jane: I am fine, thank you. Rosemary Hill is a quiet place and I love my new job.
Tara: Where is my little Princess?
Jane: She is in the bedroom playing with her cousin. Come in!

The girls greeted Tara with big hugs and went back to their toys.

Jane: This is our little bedroom. I am planning some changes in the future.
Tara: Plans are good, this house is already so cosy.
Jane: Thanks, Tara. And how are you?

Tara: I am fine, my business grows slowly. I think I have to rent bigger premises. Last week I met a realtor and he will help to find the better place.
Jane: I see gleam in your eyes! Tell me more! Is he handsome?
Tara: Oh, yes, very handsome... He is tall and has long dark hair and deep dark eyes... And his smile...
Jane: When will you meet again?
Tara: Next Monday. Early in the morning.
Jane: Really? I think he can hardly wait to see you again! Please, call me after work!
Tara: All right, I will. And you? Have you met somebody here?

Jane: I am too busy. I don't see anyone else just my colleague Alice and my neighbour Barbara. After work I am too tired...
Tara: You should go out sometimes. I will come more often, too.
Jane: That would be great!

They talked for a long time. Before saying goodbye they took a photo:

Best Friends! 

P.S.: Lizzy is a Simba doll from my childhood. Tara and Elinor have arrived today and I love them very much! I think they were good choices. 

2013. május 11., szombat


Two dolls will arrive to Rosemary Hill soon, but before this I would like to assemble a little wishlist :)

1. Grandma (picture is from http://www.amazon.com/Mattel-BarbieGrandma-Affordable-Little-IA4L-B7690/dp/B0002HZK7O)
I was very happy when I saw that there are members from the older generations, too! I would like a warm-hearted Granny for Emma so much!

2.  Harley Davidson Ken (picture is from: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Harley-Davidson-Barbie-Ken-Doll-1-1st-Leather-Jacket-Helmet-1998-NRFB-22255-MIB-/190673135966)
I think I don't have to tell You, why...
And who will be he in Jane's relationship? I am sure You will find out soon. :) No, not a boyfriend LOL

3. Todd (picture is from http://www.etsy.com/listing/76959973/sweet-party-n-play-todd-mattel-barbie)

He is absolutely adorable... Reminds me of my youngest nephew :)

4. Blond Skipper from the Camping Family set (picture is from http://www.amazon.com/Barbie-Camping-Family-Skipper-Doll/dp/B0029LI1AO):
She would be Emma many years later :) She has so lovely face, my teen favorite!

5. Brunette Skipper (picture is from: http://www.amazon.com/Barbie-Sisters-Skipper-Doll-Pet/dp/B006MR6DG0/ref=pd_sim_sbs_t_1/192-8749617-3846437)
I like her brown hair but better with blue highlights. She would be Emma's cousin many years later (You could ask: who is her cousin now? You'll see soon ;) )

So they are the top5 at the moment :) I think my wishlist won't be that short anymore :)

2013. május 5., vasárnap

New Items

After my last post I decided to make at least one pair of new clothes for Jane and Emma. I didn't have much time but here is the result:

Jane got a new strapless blouse, out of white lace. The skirt is from my childhood, and made it myself.

Emma got a purple dress - so simple but I like it.

I have found some items for furniture: it is a box with a plastic cover, not easy to fill the shelves but the plastic can protect the books and other stuffs from dust.

The frames still need family pictures...

The little books on the upper right corner, the pink vase and the round box were handmade gifts of a Sylvanian collector friend. :) The box with Sissy (Austrian Empress and Hungarian Queen) behind the red metal car is a tiny matchbox!

This is a perfect bedside cupboard! I think I will paint the furniture white.

Jane got another new stuff today: my daughter has removed one of my handmade pictures from a Sylvanian Families figure's living room so I decided to give it to my doll.

It is from cardboard and a paper napkin with decoupage technique, the frame is decorated with beads and covered gold paint.

I hope You like my new accessories! :)

2013. május 1., szerda

New Clothes - New Dilemmas

Jane got a new outfit from ebay. It is the dress of Miss Amethyst, and I wanted it sooo much, and still want a similar for myself, too :) 

The problem is: it is too narrow for Jane... It was a hard job to dress her and she can't sit down :(
I've added an extra link to the necklace but she can't wear the matching bracelet because of her fingers :(
Should I buy her a new body? Maybe a Fashionista one, so she would be articulated and could give big hugs to Emma....

Here is Emma in a new outfit - in fact it is the dress of a rabbit older sister (Chocolate) figure from my Sylvanian Families collection. She is very pretty but the bunny wants her dress back soon :)

Oh, I need some more clothes...