2014. december 7., vasárnap

Preparing For Christmas

Jane and Charles woke up early in the morning. They went to Chris who now lives in his brother's former house. When Jane stepped in she was surprised. Chris was working on something: new wooden furnitures!

Jane sat down in a new chair. There were a second one and also a wooden table.

And a new cupboard!
Chris: Here you are! How do you like it?
Jane: I have no words... I didn't know that you are so talented!
Charles: He is. Good job, Chris!
Chris: Thanks. This will be my Christmas present for you two.
Jane: Wow, thank you! Chris, you should deal with this.
Chris: Pa wouldn't like the idea... He wants me to became an engineer like bro.
Jane (laughing): Oh, no... However... a secret carpenter and a secret chef... How lucky I am!
All laughing.

Chris: The cupboard still need some glass.

Jane: That will be perfect. Finally my china can go to the right place.

Emma: And look this hiding place for me!!
Jane: No, Honey. That is for the dishes.

Charles: I would like to help Chris making the finishing touches. Can you stay here or rather go home?
Jane: We can stay, at least we all will be in the same place. I have an idea: Emma and me will buy some ingredients and come back to make our Advent wreath.
Charles: That is a good idea. Just give me a kiss before you leave.
Jane: And a second one...
Charles: And a third...
Emma: Mommyyyyyy!!!
Chris (laughing): But please, children are here...


In the afternoon, when the company became really tired, Jane put the new Advent wreath in the middle of the table.

Fresh pine scent wafted into the room. The little bells and balls gleamed in the lamplight.

Christmas mood took them all :)

This new wreath was built on the last year's base (tree branches - you can see it here). The candles are changeable because of the four tiny white bins. These are from birthday candle sets, I just cut their points and glued into the wreath. It was so much fun to make! :)

Have a nice preparation for Christmas, Everyone! :)

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  1. I love your little Advent wreaths and the new furniture. Did you make the furniture as well? Good to see a post from you again. I love your little families!

    1. Dear Phyllis, welcome here to Rosemary Hill! :)
      Thanks for Your nice comment! :) The furniture isn't mine, I've found it in our little Advent market :)
      I am glad that You like my little stories! I hope I can make more during Christmas holidays ;)

  2. Habár csak most írok, a frissítés után 17 perccel már láttam az új bejegyzést, és őrülten boldog voltam, hogy igen, jön a karácsony mindenkinél, úgyhogy ideje nekem is belehúzni :D Gyönyörű a kis koszorú! A bútorok meg nagyon szuperek! És mindjárt karácsony! :)

    1. Köszönöm szépen, Drága!! :) A karácsonyi hangulat már bezsongatott rendesen :)) Csak időm volt kevés mostanában. De hamar jön a szünet!! :)

  3. Nagyon jó kis karácsonyi készülődős képek! Annyira élethűen ábrázolod a jeleneteket! Mintha tényleg élnének a babáid! :) Imádom nézegetni őket, már vagy ötször végignéztem az egészet és nem tudok betelni velük!

    1. Nagyon köszönöm, Vik! :) Jól esik ezt olvasni!! :)

  4. Nagyon tetszik az új bútor! Hol lehet ilyet kapni? Emma nagyon cuki, ahogy be akar bújni a szekrénybe. Boldogságot sugároznak a babáid, látszik rajtuk, hogy ők is várják a karácsonyt. :-)

    1. Köszönöm szépen!! :) A bútort az itteni karácsonyi vásárban vettem, egy fából készült holmikat áruló házikónál :)
      Örülök, hogy látszik a babáimon a hangulat :)

  5. Hello from Spain: fabulous photos. Great Christmas ornaments. Keep in touch

    1. Hello Marta! Thanks for the nice words! :) I hope You also have a happy time waiting for Christmas!

  6. Those are very nice furniture pieces. I love the wreath, too. Nice to see that Jane and Charles are doing well.

    1. Thank You, Vanessa! Although they have a little problem with their home (I have less space for them nowadays and have to find another flat for my daughter and me) they are doing really well :) I hope I can make at least two other stories before Christmas :)