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Christmas Eve 2014

To celebrate Christmas Eve together, Jane and Charles invited Perla and Chris. (Jane's brother, John and his family traveled to his in-laws this year.)
Emma has just arrived home from Mark and she was very happy when she saw the Christmas tree.

Many gifts were waiting for the little princess.

Emma: Which one is mine, mommy?
Jane: That huge one. Just go and open it!

So Emma opened her first gift, it was a big dollhouse!

It has three storey inside.

Emma got Lego and some dolls, too.

Perla: Jane, this is yours with Charles.
Jane: Oh, it is heavy! What is in it?

Jane: Look, Charles, a china bowl and some glass jars.
Charles: Perla, did you hear hat I would like to make jam, didn't you?
Perla: Oh, yes, it was just bird singing...
Charles: Thank you! They will be very useful.

Perla: And here you are...
Jane: Beautiful scarfs! Thanks, mom!
Charles: Very pretty, indeed!

Jane: Mom, this is yours.

Perla: Oh, wonderful! I like this colour! Lavender... Yes, I think, this is my favorite shade.
Jane: And it is handmade! A very talented lady made it, her name is Marta.
Perla: Really beautiful!

Perla: Emma, come here, sweetheart! I have these packages for you.
Emma: Please, help me open them, Granny!

Emma: Oh, a Lego Friends tiger baby! Thank you, Granny!
Perla: And here is the other one...

Emma: What is it? A book?

Perla: It is a coloring book.

Emma: Look, there are some... some...
Jane: Labyrinth, honey.
Emma: Babyrinth. Labyrinth.

Perla: Let's show me the other toys.
Emma: Do you play with me?
Perla: Yes, I would like to play.

Jane: Chris, this is for you.
Chris: Oh, thanks!

Jane: Thank you so much for making the furniture for the kitchen!
Chris: You know that I love this job... It was a pleasure for me.
Charles: Just open the gift, bro.

Chris: Wow, a silver sneaker! Thank you so much!! Wasn't it too expensive?
Charles: Come on, Chris! Merry Christmas!

Before dinner they took some regular family photos with the tree.

The dinner table was waiting for them with very tasty food. There was a turkey with French fries (served in the new white bowl), some fruit and also some little Christmas cakes - all made by Charles.

While the others were still making some photos, Perla sat down to the couch. There was a picture on the wall of her husband, John. 
Perla: Oh, dear... I miss you so much...

Jane turn off the light to see the tree with its own shine. They all found it splendid.

Charles (whispering): Merry Christmas, Dear.
Jane (whispering): Merry Christmas!

The couple. 

 The little family.

A bit later they all sat around the table.
Chris: And what was your gift to each other?

Charles: Can we tell them now?

Jane: Of course. We had a very special gift to ourselves...
Charles: ...Because we have bought a site for our new home.
Jane: We will move next year.
Perla: Fantastic news! I am really, really happy for you!
Chris: Congratulation!


To be continued... :)

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  1. Merry Christmas Rosemary, thank you for this beautiful Christmas story!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Night Owl! I hope You had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Válaszok
    1. Köszönöm szépen! Látod, Perla nagyi nagyon örült az ajándéknak!! :) ;)

  3. Lovely Christmas story. They all got such great gifts! Can't wait to see their new home!

    1. Thank You, Phyllis! I am glad You liked it! :)

  4. Hola, que linda historia.
    Bonitos dias para ti y tu familia.
    Saludos desde Mexico.

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! Me alegro de que te haya gustado!
      ¡ Saludos desde Hungría! :)

  5. Awww, they had such a wonderful Christmas. I love all the gifts they received. And Perla is looking quite nice in that outfit. Hope you had just as wonderful a Christmas.

    1. I had, thank You so much for the kind words, Vanessa! :)

  6. Wonderful story and i enjoyed every bit of it.

    1. Thank You for the nice comment, Annaloy, and warmest welcome to Rosemary Hill! :)