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Old Wounds

Tara and Colin decided to marry in Autumn. They are still in time to arrange everything.
Last night they organized a small get-together because Colin's family has arrived to town. They would like to introduce Jane and her family before the wedding.

Here they are, Colin's family: Dr. Robert MacNeil (a famous plastic surgeon), Cecilia, his younger sister, and Tara's future mother-in-law: Victoria.

They took some family pictures:

Then the guests have arrived: Summer, Jane and her mother (Charles couldn't come because he had a program with his brother, Chris). Tara introduced them to Victoria:

Summer wasn't too happy but Tara didn't know, why. Cissy (as her family called Cecilia MacNeil) would like to chat with Summer so they searched themselves a quiet place in the room.

Jane and Perla came closer.

Tara: Victoria, they are like my second family. Jane is my best friend since I was fifteen and her mother, Perla was like my mother for years.
Victoria: Nice to meet you. Shall we sit down here?
Perla: Thank you. This table is really beautiful.

They talked about general things: the young couple, their family, the wedding, dresses and the weather forecast of the big day.
But Perla realized that Victoria didn't feel herself comfortable. Finally Victoria asked what really was in her mind.

Victoria: What do you know about Tara's mother? Will she come tonight?
Perla: I don't think so. She sent a letter to Tara a few days ago that she is abroad.
Victoria seemed like she was relieved.
Perla: You didn't met yet, do you?
Victoria: I... No... not yet. Do you know her well?

Perla: Lucille... She is a famous actress. Everyone admires her charm and talent...
Victoria: But what do you think?
Perla: Did Tara tell something about her childhood?

Victoria: More or less, but my son mentioned some very strange things...

Perla: I will be honest. She is like a whirlwind. Appears suddenly, full of joy and love, sweep away all, and one day disappears and leaves sadness behind... She didn't have a happy life. But Tara and Summer neither. She left them with a nanny so she could do her tours all around the world...

Victoria: Didn't have a happy life? She got men, money and fame! She got everything she ever wanted...

Perla was almost shocked hearing Victoria's nervousness. But they couldn't carry on because something has happened...

After Tara left the guests to look after some freshly brewed tea, she heard the doorbell ringing. Who is that?

The incoming: Tara, hello my dear!

Tara: OH MY GOD!!! Mother!
Lucille Rivers: Is everyone here? Am I late?

Tara: How did you get here? When did you arrive?
Lucille: Aren't you happy to see me?
Tara: Oh, how can you say that? I just... I am surprised. You wrote that you can't come!
Lucille: I had to come. Give mommy a hug, Darling!

Summer also came to the door and jumped into her mother's arms.


Summer: How did you get here?
Lucille: Don't ask me, I amd tired. What a terrible flight! Tara, give me a cup of tea, please. Where are the others?
Tara: They are in the living room. Jane and Perla are also here.
Lucille: Perla? What is she doing here?
Tara: Jane and her mother are like family. You know it also.
Lucille: All right, all right. I can't be angry that they met your in-law's earlier, should I? Please introduce me.

Just at the moment when they entered the room, Victoria finished the sentence. Victoria's eyes became as big as a saucer...

Lucille: Perla!! My good old friend! How are you, my dear? You are so youthful, despite your hair.
Perla: Nice to meet you again, Lucy. You didn't change.
Lucille: Do you think I still look good? I am so glad to find you here in this tiny room. Where can I sit?

Tara: Mother... Mother! Let me introduce Colin's mom, Victoria.

The words stuck in Lucille's throat. There was totally silence for a few moments...
Lucille: Nice to meet you, Victoria.
Victoria: Me too, Lucy...
Lucille: So Colin is your son. I didn't know you have a son. You knew everything about us, didn't you?
Victoria: I have never heard about your family.
Lucille: Sure... You are so pretty, my dear. I hope your Colin will be nice to my daughter.

Victoria didn't answer. Tara interrupted them quickly.
Tara: Come, mother, and meet Colin. He would love to speak with you.

Tara: Mother! What was that? Do you know each other??
Lucy: Don't ask. Maybe later. I really hope that she won't be a terrible mother-in-law... Let me speak with your fiance.

Perla: Are you all right, Victoria? What has happened here?
Victoria: Excuse me. I feel bad.
Perla: Can I bring a glass of water?
Victoria: No, thank you. I will be fine soon.
Perla: Do you want to talk about it?

Victoria: You can also hear this embarrassing scene. I can't hide anymore...
Perla: So you met Lucy before.
Victoria: I did... It was more than thirty years ago. I had a fiance. His name was Jonathan Rivers.
Perla: Oh, my God... Victoria...
Victoria: Lucy was my classmate. When we met again, I think she felt in love with Jonathan. She wanted to get him. And she did.
Perla: I am so sorry to hear that...
Victoria: They ecaped before our wedding. I was standing there in white with a thousand guests and my groom was nowhere...
Perla: I can understand... It could be very hard for you.
Victoria: It was the worst day of my life. They hurt me so deeply...
Perla: And then your Colin introduced Tara...
Victoria: Yes. First when I heard her name I didn't know anything about her parents. But then I saw a picture... Perla, She has the same face, the same eyes! I was shocked...

Perla: Poor, poor Victoria... It is very very hard. But you can't blame Tara.
Victoria: I know. I know... But... I can't forget that day in the church... I thought everything was all right... And these two ran away and laughed at me...
Perla: But then you met Robert.
Victoria: Oh, yes, Robert... He is my hero.
Perla: And you had a happy family life with your children. While Tara...
Victoria: I am really proud of my Colin.
Perla: And he is in love... He will be a husband with a loving wife.
Victoria: My Colin... My Robert... Oh, my broken heart...
Perla: When my husband died, I thought I won't be survive. But I am still there to enjoy my children's happiness.

Victoria: You are so brave... And I still have someone by my side...
Perla: And another thing, Victoria. You have to know something about Tara's father: he left Lucy when Summer was born. He escaped with a strange woman... He disapeared, and never came back again. Lucy's life wasn't happy. She can never heal I think... But look, your husband is coming. I think I have to leave you alone a bit.
Victoria: Thank you, thank you my dear friend! Your words struck me...

Robert: Do you enjoy the night, Darling?

Robert: Victoria? What's the matter? Are you well?

Victoria: Oh, yes... I am just a bit tired.
Robert: Good, then. I almost thought you are sad.

Victoria: Oh, how could I be sad with such an attentive husband?You are my knight with shiny armor.
Robert (laughing): Oh, come on, Mylady! Come and dance with me.

Victoria: Dancing? Here?
Robert: Here and everywhere! Our son will marry a nice girl, our daughter goes to university, we are still young and I am still in love with you.
Victoria: Oh, Rob...
Robert: You are the best thing in my life.
Victoria: And so you are mine.

Perla looked at them and smiled.

To be continued... :) 

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  1. Hello from Spain: great story. The wedding will be very romantic. Nice pictures. I really like the mother. Very trendy. Great dishware of tea. Keep in touch

    1. Thank You so much, Marta :) The wedding has a bit delay I am afraid, but I hope I can make everything soon :)
      The mother is an I love Lucy doll :) I like her face, hair and red nails :D

    2. Oh, I mean the redhead mother. The brunette is trendy indeed ;)

  2. Ó, nagyon vártam a folytatást! :) És várom a következő részt is! kedvet kaptam most én is fotózni, de olyan hamar sötétedik, így majd talán holnap, és persze a helyszínt is össze kellene rakni. :)

    1. Köszönöm szépen! :) Végre én is tudtam fotózni egy igen rövidet és egyszerűt. Alig várom a téli szünetet, amikor több időm lesz!

  3. Nagyon jók a fotók! Szeretem a történeteidet! Várom a folytatást! Puszi

  4. Milyen csinosak a lányok !!! :)