2014. december 23., kedd

Jane's Birthday

It was 22th December. Emma went to visit her father, Mark, so Jane and Charles could spend the day in two.

Jane decided to decorate the Christmas tree. 

This year they have bought a huge one. While decorating they talked and planned a lot about the holidays. Jane was very calm and happy. 

Jane: Ohhh... I got tired... This tree gave us a lot to do... Charles? Are you here, darling?

Charles: I am here... Happy birthday, sweetheart!

Jane: Charles! Did you really made this cake for me? It is wonderful!!
Charles: Even the roses, too. They were my first try. Do you like it?
Jane: I like it very-very much!! Thank you!

Charles: But that isn't everything. Here you are.

Jane: What a lovely package... I am so fortunate!

Jane: Oh, no...
Charles: What is it?...

Jane: Oh, MY GOD!

Jane: I LOVE it! It is beautiful! How did you know?...
Charles: That is my secret, honey...

Jane: I love you so much...
Charles: I love you, too. 

Jane: Thanks for these beautiful gifts...
Charles: Happy birthday, honey... I'd better go now and clean the kitchen. Just a few minutes and I will be here soon.
Jane: Then?
Charles: Then we can eat the cake, and watch a good movie, or...
Jane (laughing): Or just something else... I see...
Charles: Don't go anywhere.

They gave big kisses each other, then Charles went out of the living room.

Jane: Now, it is time to put over my stuff... Keys, vallet, mobile phone and the others...

Jane: Ready!

Jane: How does it look like? Isn't it just perfect?

To be continued... very soon :)

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  1. Hello from Spain: these pictures are beautiful. Merry Christmas. Jane's Birthday. Keep in touch

    1. Thank You, Marta! Please visit tomorrow to see our new Christmas post :)

  2. Ó, mindenhol itt az ünnep :) Jane gyűrűjéről mikor lesz szó? Csak mert Charles kezén is ott van ;) Kellemes karácsonyt!

    1. Köszönöm szépen! Neked is kellemes ünnepeket! <3 A következő rész holnap jelenik meg, a végén lesz is egy kis meglepi... Csakhogy még nem a gyűrűkről :) Azzal még valóban tartozom :)

  3. Have missed reading your stories about Jane and Charles! Look forward to seeing your Christmas post!

    1. Thank You so much, Phyllis! I am glad You like my stories :)

  4. Ezt az ajándékot én is elfogadnám. Nagyon helyes ez a pár, igazán kellemes az ünnep náluk.

    1. Köszönöm szépen!! :) Nekem is nagyon tetszettek a Te karácsonyi képeid!!

  5. Cute handbag! I forgot to say how beautiful the tree was in my last comment.

    1. Thanks! :) My daughter and I decorated the tree together, it was so much fun!
      This bag we bought for Jane is handmade and very well done! I love it :)