2015. február 15., vasárnap

New Year, New Life - Just A Bit Pause Before

My Dear Friends and Followers,

When we last met it was Christmas Eve and almost two months gone...

The beginning of 2015 was extra busy for us. Emma, Charles and I moved to another flat which we love very much but still have a lot to do. Our furniture and other stuffs are still in boxes (we can't even find many things) and have to build our new life. 

We plan to buy new furniture for our kitchen (it will be more modern and beautiful, You'll see it next month!), new wallpaper for all of the rooms and a big bed for the sweetest dreams! 

We will try to inform You regularly, and until we can meet again, please, visit Rosemary's other blog: (Ever After) Rozmaring. (It was written in Hungarian but You can find a translator at the top on the right.) She wrote the first chapter one year ago and never continued till yesterday, when a new doll arrived home... We both hope You will enjoy it. 

 Have a nice Sunday and see You next month!

Lots of love:


4 megjegyzés:

  1. Nagyon izgalmas a költözés, már alig várom az új részleteket. Ami látszik a háttérbe már izgatja a fantáziámat.

    1. Köszönöm szépen! :) Igen, ez a háttér már az előfutára az új nappalinak, remélem, tetszeni fog majd a végeredmény! :)

  2. Hello from Spain: I'm happy to read it again. I will be attentive to the news. Keep in touch