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The Second Doll Collector Get-Together! :)

23th August 2014

After a long and busy summer, we finally had our second Barbie doll collector get-together! I was very excited to see my collector friends again (our first meeting was on 24th August 2013 :) )! I picked up a few of my dolls (next year I will bring much more, I promise! :D ) and spent some happy and funny hours with these lovely women on the picture (that is me in pink :) ): 

There were hundreds of Barbie dolls, such a heartwarming sight! We admired each others growing collection then started to play!

There were dolls who meet their family members, like my Vanessa and her brother:


With her daughter, her brother's girlfriend and some cousins: 

We all brought our Happy Family Grandmas: look, four similar dolls, yet four different personalities! :))))

With Grandpa and the Heart Grandparents:

Aren't they cute together? :)

Vanessa met and felt in love with a cute newborn baby, who came home with us in the end!! Yay!!!

The real cutie-pie!

Lovely Simba girls:

Charles met Alan and he was a bit shy in the beginning...

But then came Leslie, our host... Charles thought he is going to be mad, because Leslie looked just like his beloved girlfriend's, Jane's older brother, John Westley...

He invited Alan and Charles for a glass of wine... (That was the time when Alan felt that they are on a twin meeting...)

And they became the best friends!

A bit later Jane joined Charles. Look, is that a ring on Jane's finger??? Oh, that will be a next story, I think ;)

Our hosts: Elora and Leslie:

Jane met some new friends, too:

The collector girls :)

Thank You so much, girls! I love You all! <3

See You next time! :)

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  1. Que bonita reunion, todos se ven que han disfrutado mucho su cita, saludos.

    1. Muchas gracias! Realmente he disfrutado :)
      Un abrazo muy grande! :)

  2. Tök jók lettek a baba talis képek! A négy nagymama, pózolása szuper lett, meg Charles és Leslie iszogatása is király! Egy kicsit olyanok a képek, mintha nem is babákat fotóztál volna, hanem hús-vér embereket.

    1. Köszönöm szépen, Vik!!! <3 Úgy örülök, hogy tetszenek a képek :) Imádom őket fotózni :)

  3. What a lovely post. Great to see a picture of you. Seems like all the dolls had a great time. Leave it to Vanessa to bring a new baby home. Sounds like something I would do. lol. Congrats to Jane, but isn't that the wrong finger? Or is it different in your country?

    1. Thank You so much, Vanessa! :)
      I feel that this little baby belongs to my Vanessa doll - I think that will be a new story in the future! :)
      Thanks for the congratulations also - to tell the truth in my country we wear the ring on our left hand after the engagement and on the right hand after the marriage... But Jane and Charles aren't that far yet... I hope LOL