2014. szeptember 8., hétfő

Liebster Award! :)


Hi Everyone! :) 

I have gotten a Liebster Award from a blogger friend, Fricskamacska! Thank You so much, Dear!! :)

This is a wandering award and came with five questions, here they are with my answers: 

1. Since when are there dolls in your life? Are they from your childhood or the present collection is the result of another inspiration?

I had only one Barbie doll in my childhood: 1989 Gold Coast Barbie Doll. 

(pictures from: https://c2.staticflickr.com/6/5471/11510377286_f1a2c4b193_z.jpg and 

She was a gift from my older sister who had a job and could afford to buy me one. (You can see her in this blog known as Barbara, Jane's neighbor :) ) I was about 8 years old and always would like to have more... But my parents couldn't buy other ones. 

Then after more than twenty years I have found Vanessa's blog. It was a fantastic experience for me! I decided to buy some fellow for Barbara... and then some more... and then some more... And my blog is 1,5 years old! :) 

2. How many dolls do you have and do you plan to buy some more?

I have about 35 Barbie dolls from adults to children and a few of other brands (like Simba). I always have new must have favorites, these dolls are on the top of my current wishlist: 

Happy Family Grandpa and the Heart Grandparents:

and https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8281/7696495318_092fb5418a_z.jpg)

And one year old Nikki and friends: 

3. What are the people around you saying about your hobby? 

Fortunately who are important for me, they are with me. Perhaps not doll fans but they tolerate what I like. My mother loves making crocheted dresses for my dolls and my sister buys me miniature things when she sees some :)

4. Does this collecting passion inherit in your family? 

I hope so :) I have a four years old daughter and she already has a mini collection of dolls :) She loves them very much!

5. What means writing a blog to you? 

When I started this blog, life was really hard for me, so I started it as a therapy. Then I met many nice blogs and some lovely women who became friends and that is very important for me. 

Writing a blog means joy, lots of fun and great time spending with my dolls and camera :)

The Liebster Award goes further soon with my questions to my favorite bloggers :) 

See You soon! :)

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  1. Hello from Spain: congratulations on the award. I enjoyed reading your answers. I agree with you. For me, the blog also means joy, fun and great to spend time with my dolls and camera. Your doll collection is fabulous.Keep in touch

    1. Thank You, Marta!! I always enjoy Your posts and stories, too!
      Un beso :)

  2. Congrats on your award! It was so nice to learn more about you. I am so touched that after 20 yrs, my blog was the one that prompted you to rekindle your love for dolls. I will be smiling all day, now.