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Jane and Charles went to the airport to pick up Christopher, the younger brother of Charles. Jane was very excited because this will be the first time she meet one of her beloved's relatives.

Charles was watching the display table, fortunately there was no delay. His bro must be here soon.

Jane: I don't know why I never asked you for a picture of Christopher. Then I would recognize his face.
Charles: I think I don't have any photos - only from our childhood. But he don't really like me. My mother said he is like our great-grandfather who was a native American.
Jane: Really?? That is very interesting! So your dark hair...
Charles (laughing): Maybe... But your bro has dark brown hair, too...
Jane (also laughing): But your skin is darker... Mmm... You look so exotic...

Charles: Just wait till night and we will return to this exotic thing...
Jane: That sounds good... But look, there are some passangers coming...
Charles: No, I think he must come from the opposite direction...

Jane: Look at this woman... The one with brown long hair and pale pink outfit... She is so familiar...

Tha woman came closer. She was in her early fifties and looked very chic.

She went before them and then stopped as if she was waiting for someone...
Charles: Look, Jane!...
Unknown woman: But where is Colin?...

A young man approached them. He was as tall as Charles, his hair and skin has the same tone. Even his clothing style was like his brother's. But his face, eyes, nose, mouth - all were totally different.

Chales: Chris! We are here!
Chris: Hello, Chase!

Charles: Jane, this is my lil' bro.
Jane: Nice to meet you. I am Jane Westley.
Chris: Nice to meet you. Chase has been talked about you so much.

Jane: We prepared some things for you. I hope you will enjoy here.
Chris: I am sure, thank you. 

Charles: Come on, bro!

They gave a big hug each other.
Chris: Ma and Pa send kisses. We all missed you.
Charles: How is Mum?
Chris: Much better. You don't have to worry.
Charles: Good news...

Charles: So, shall we go?
Jane: We thought you would go home first but then we planned a dinner in three in my house. Is that all right for you?
Chris: Yes, that sounds great. I am hungry.

Jane: And the chef of this evening will be...
Charles: Ssssh... Don't tell him.
Chris: What are you talking about?
Jane (laughing): Well, it will be a surprise then...

Jane: We have many programs this week. Just tell us what you would like to do. I am so glad to finally get to know you.
Chris: Me too, Jane. Thanks for your kind welcome.
Charles: Come on, guys! Let's start to enjoy the evening!

To be continued... :)

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  1. Nagyon örülök, hogy jött a folytatás! Chris sokáig marad, vagy csak átutazó lesz?M Alig várom a folytatást!

    1. Koszonom szepen! Chris marad, meg a tobbiek sem sejtik, mennyire... ;) :)

  2. Nagyon csinosak így hárman! Kíváncsi vagyok mi fog kisülni ebből, hogy Chris megérkezett... :-)

    1. Koszonom!! :) Chris bizony szolgalhat meg par meglepetessel :)

  3. Hello from Spain: I really like Charles. They are very handsome brothers. Keep in touch

    1. Thank You so much! :) Charles is my favorite male doll :) I think he and his brother are nice together :)

  4. Charles brother is quite handsome. I love the mystery woman's luggage. I can't wait to see who she is.

    1. Thank You, Vanessa! :) The Lady's luggage (and the one of Chris) was made also by my mother :) I hope I can introduce one more special new person very soon :)

  5. Imádom a történeteidet, no meg az új szereplőket. Izgatottan várom a folytatást, már elképzelem micsoda meglepessétek jönnek. Gratulálok ehhez az új fiúhoz, nekem is van egy ilyenem, vagy csak hasonló, annak nem hajlik a térde a legnagyobb bánatomra.

    1. Nem is értem, miért nem jelent meg először utána meg többször is. No ez van.

    2. Szia! Köszönöm szépen! Nekem is nagy csalódás volt a térde :((( de legalább a karja hajlik ;)

  6. Ezt a megjegyzést eltávolította a szerző.

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