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Happy Birthday, Emma!

It was Emma's third birthday!
Grandma arrived first.
Jane: I am so angry, I couldn't find any balloons in the shop, I forgot to order it earlier...
Grandma: Never mind! Everything is so pretty.
Jane (laughing): This room is so tiny, at least we don't have to choose: balloons or guests...

Grandma: And where is my sweet little grandchild?
Emma: I am here, Granny!!

Grandma: Happy birthday, Sweetheart!
Emma: I am three years old!
Grandma: True, true... Years have gone...

John and his family arrived.Emma was very happy to see them all together.

Emma got her first gift: flowers in a pot from Willy. (He chose it himself.)

At last but not least Mark arrived with a big smile on his face! He gave his daughter many hugs and kisses.

When they were all together sitting around, Jane brought the birthday cake. It had strawberry cream and three candles.

 Emma blew the candles and everyone clapped and cheered. 

Emma got her gifts. First she opened Grandma's pocket.

She got a little basket and a lovely bunny!

Elinor and John gave Emma a beautiful dress!

She had to try it on immediately! Emma looked like a real little Princess!

Mommy gave Emma a new Hello Kitty doll for her colection...

... and two storybooks about little animals in Sylvanian Families World!

Then Mark brought in his present: a white-pink bicycle! Emma was very-very happy! She always wanted a bike, and pink was her favorite colour at that time.

She put all her gifts onto the bike. It seemed that she won't get off till the end of the day... She told that she would like to sleep with her new bike and toys.

The children began to play, the adults enjoyed the afternoon with a cup of tea or glass of wine.

Jane went to the kitchen to bring some plates and forks for the cake. Elinor followed her.
Elinor: Janey, how are you? You look so wonderful!
Jane: Thank you! I got this new dress from a friend in South Africa! It was very nice of her, I like this outfit very much!
Elinor: Yes, you look fabulous! But I mean: you are so happy! What has happened?

Jane: Oh, Elinor, I had a date on Friday...
Elinor: A date??? Janey, you haven't told this!
Jane: I haven't. I didn't know what will happen. But now... I am so happy...
Elinor: The best news I've heard so long!

John: Hy girls, what are you doing here?
Elinor: We are very happy, that's all!
John: Lizzy wants something from you. Would you please go to her?
Elinor: Sure, I go...

John: Is everything all right, Janey?
Jane: Yes, I am fine, never better.
John: What is going on? Tell me sis.
Jane: I will tell you everything after the party, I promise, as soon as the children went sleeping.
John: Right. So give me a big hug and then a slice of this delicious cake! 
Jane: Right!

They all enjoyed Emma's birthday party, and Jane didn't forgot her promise...

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  1. Boldog szülinapot Emmának! Érdekes, a kis bicaj amolyan tuti 3 éves ajándék :D Nálunk is mindig akkor kaptak a gyerekek :D

    1. Köszönjük! A kislányom is bicajt kapott, mint Emma, ez tényleg érdekes :D :D

  2. Boldog szülinapot Emmának! Nagyon tetszenek a fotók és olyan cuki a bicaj!

    1. Köszönjük szépen! A bicaj egy Simba biciklis baba-készletből való :) (Az ülés sajnos letörött, ezért egy dekorgumi-darabbal kellett pótolni... :) )

  3. Hello from Spain: Happy Birthday to Emma. Her gifts are lovely. Nice bike. I also adore Hello Kitty doll. I really like the cake scene. Grandma is very cute with the granddaughter. Some pictures are very real. Keep in touch

    1. Thank You, Marta!!!
      The cake is handmade, the bike is from a Simba biker girl-set :) I am happy that You like the pictures! :)

  4. Boldog születésnapot a hercegnőnek! Mint mindig, most is nagyot alkottál a képekkel! Nagyon ügyes vagy!
    Egyébkén elejétől a végéig végigolvastam a blogod, mert nem lehetett nem végigolvasni és fantasztikus az egész! Gratulálok hozzá!

    1. Drága Vik, köszönöm szépen!!! Szívmelengető ilyen sorokat olvasni! :) <3

  5. Emma was spoiled rotten, she is such a lucky girl to have so many who love her and care for her.

    Jane looks lovely (it helps if you have an amaxxing body) in her dress and Im glad she likes it.

    1. Thank You! :)) I hope she won't be too spoiled... :D
      Jane is very grateful for this new dress, thank You so much again!!! :))

  6. What a great birthday party! Happy belated birthday, Emma. I love both the dresses. The one she was wearing and the one she received. And her little bike is the best! Love the training wheels.

    1. Thank You, Vanessa!!
      My real daughter got also a pink-white bike for her 3rd birthday, so I was really happy with this toy bike :))