2013. október 5., szombat

Waiting For Emma's New Cousin :)

The birthday was gone and Emma still loves to wear her new princess outfit :)
She was playing with her new toys when Mommy came to her room. 

Jane: Sweetie, your room is full with old toys you didn' play with for ages...
Emma: I am playing with Kitty and Bunny!
Jane: I have an idea: what if we would collect the old toys in a box and give it to Auntie Elinor for her new baby?
Emma: Okaaaaaay! Let me help!
Jane: Of course I will! Please, bring me that empty box!

Emma: Here is the box.
Jane: So what would you give to the baby?
Emma: I put in the box...this ducky.
Jane: All right.

Jane: I think you don't need those baby rattle and car.
Emma: Baby rattle and car.

Emma: I give to the baby this ball and beads.

Emma: Ready!
Jane: You are very clever! I am proud of you!

Jane: Now everything is in order. We have enough room to play with your new toys now. 

Emma: Let's play with the cat mommy and cat daddy!


Please excuse me, this month will be very busy, because I have a final exam in the end of October. Maybe I won't post any new stories for a while but don't be afraid, I will read blogs and plan many new posts for November! Please, cross fingers for me! Many thanks!!!! :)

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  1. Nagyon drukkolok, hogy minden szuper jól sikerüljön!!! Emma pici játékai tündériek! Van ilyen kicsi?? Meg vagyok teljesen rökönyödve!

    1. Köszönöm szépen!!
      Vannak ám ilyen pici szépségek, ezek az én imádott Sylvanian Families játékaim!! :)

  2. Nagyon édes ez a kis szösszenet! Nagyon jók a mini játékok:) Szurkolok a vizsgáidhoz!

    1. Köszönöm szépen! Már csak az államvizsga van hátra! HUHHH :)))

  3. Szurkolok neked! A pici játékok nagyon cukik!

  4. Hello from Spain: these pictures are fabulous. I really like Emma's room. Pretty princess clothes. Great job. Good luck with the exam. Keep in touch

  5. Good luck with your exams! That was nice of Emma to donate some of her toys away. I love her room, especially that cute little sofa.

    1. Thank You, Vanessa! The sofa was my first try to make a miniature furniture years ago :)