2013. szeptember 1., vasárnap

Miracles And Wishes

A week ago on The First Barbie Collector Get-Together our host, Világbaba had an inetersting story about one of her dolls. She calls her Fairy Godmother because this doll can do miracles. We all had a personal wish holding Fairy Godmother in our hands. I didn't told mine anyone.

My wish was to find a Tim McGraw doll with his outfit on a good price. A few days later I found him 'of course' doll and outfit separated but from the same seller - and today I won both! (Sorry :) ) I am so happy! He was the last doll I really wanted this year and now I got him! Thank You Fairy Godmother! :)

Of course I have more dolls on my wishlist but this year I focus on the outfits they need for autumn and winter. We need a lot of shoes and boots, warm pants, sweaters and coats for everybody!

Then I need some new family members:
1. A sister for Tara. I am still thinking of her character.
2. A mother for Colin.
3. One or two sisters for Colin.

They have all important roles in my story. 

I would imagine that Colin's family is rich and proud like the vintage dolls like these:

Probably mother:

Older sister: 
 Younger sister:

What would this family like? :)

And don't forget: all of your wishes could come true! :)

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  1. Hello from Spain: congratulations on your new doll. Your collection is fabulous ... Keep in touch

    1. Thank You, Marta!! I got two babies and accessories, too, I will post new pictures soon :)

  2. I like you new ideas, for dolls as sisters. Keep us updated!