2013. szeptember 16., hétfő

A Date

Days passed and Jane saw the man several times. She felt that this stranger became important to her - when he was late, Jane missed him. She started to look everywhere for him.

A week later after work she met him again. Her heart beated faster. One more step and she will be by his side.

The man didn't move. When Jane passed something had happened. He spoke to her: 'Excuse me...'

Jane (shaking): Yes?
Attractive Man: Excuse me, aren't you left this newspaper?
Jane (embarrassed): Oh, no. But you are kind to ask.
A. M.: I saw that you come this street every day. Are you working near here?
Jane: Yes, I work in the library on the next corner.

A. M.: I am sorry, I haven't introduce myself - my name is Charles Brandon.
Jane: Jane Westley.

Charles: I grew up here but then moved far away. Now I am here again but everything has changed.
Jane:  Sure. I am pretty new in Rosemary Hill.
Charles: Really? How do you like it?

Jane: So quiet and calm, everybody is really frendly.
Charles: I am glad to hear it. I am looking for my old friends and neighbours but could find just a few yet... If you are new here I am sure you haven't seen my favorite places.
Jane: Do you think so?

Charles: Can I invite you for dinner to my favorite pub one afternoon?
Jane (smiling): Sure. You made me curious!
Charles: Great! Friday after work?
Jane: All right.
Charles: So I will come for you to the library.
Jane: Okay. See you on Friday.
Charles: Good bye, Jane.
Jane: Good bye!

Jane was so happy, she would like to dance for joy. She smiled all the way home!

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  1. Hello from Spain: interesting dialogue. I'm sure they will be couple. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks! :) After almost two years living alone Jane really deserves love and happiness :)

  2. Hú, de jó!!! Olyan izgalmas köztük az a bizonyos feszültség! :-)

  3. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIgen ;) Azt nem is írtam, hogy ezek után ok. amiért nem H.D. Ken lett Jane párja :D

    1. Köszönöm!!! :D De azért H.D. Kent is a közelben tudjuk ;) :D

  4. They have a date, they have a date! I cant wait. Hope Jane will have something special to wear. Will she have to go shopping. When can we expect the next installment? Saturday only?

    1. Thank You, EB!!! The next chapter comes today, in a few hours!!! I am exciteeeeed!!!! :))))