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Relatives and Friends

I haven't told You much about Jane's family yet. Her mother lives far but she has an older brother, John, who lives next town to Rosemary Hill. John Westley has a wife, Elinor, and they have two children: an 8 years old son William and a 4 years old daughter Elizabeth. Jane and her brother are very close to each other. John calls her every week (it means really often for him) and always asks if he could help his sister. Jane helps him often too, as today.

This is Elinor Westley, Jane's sister-in-law. She brought her daughter to Jane - Lizzy will stay with her aunt this weekend because Elinor and John are going to take a motorcycle trip.

Elinor: Hello Jane and Princess Emma!
Jane: Hello Elinor! And here is my sweet Lizzy!
Lizzy: Hello Auntie Jane! Hello Emma!
Emma: Lizzy, Lizzyyy! 
Elinor: We are so grateful, Jane! John has planned this trip since Lizzy was born. Finally we can do it. 
Jane: You should have done this long ago. I am happy because I know how much this means to John. Don't worry about us.
Elinor: You are the best sister!

Elinor: Have a great weekend, Darling!
Lizzy: I love you Mom!
Jane: Lizzy, Emma, go inside the house, just a moment and I will come, too.

Elinor: What a beautiful flower! You are a talented gardener, Jane.
Jane: Oh, no, these were the plants of the former owner.

Jane: And where is Will now?
Elinor: He is with his best friend, Josh. They went camping with the boy's father.
Jane: Take care and have a good journey! Kisses to John!
Elinor: Thank you, Janey!

A few minutes later someone else has arrived to Jane. She is Tara Fay Rivers, Jane's best friend!

Jane: Tara! We haven't met for ages!
Tara: Good to see you again, my dear Jane!

Tara: How are you? You look so beautiful!
Jane: I am fine, thank you. Rosemary Hill is a quiet place and I love my new job.
Tara: Where is my little Princess?
Jane: She is in the bedroom playing with her cousin. Come in!

The girls greeted Tara with big hugs and went back to their toys.

Jane: This is our little bedroom. I am planning some changes in the future.
Tara: Plans are good, this house is already so cosy.
Jane: Thanks, Tara. And how are you?

Tara: I am fine, my business grows slowly. I think I have to rent bigger premises. Last week I met a realtor and he will help to find the better place.
Jane: I see gleam in your eyes! Tell me more! Is he handsome?
Tara: Oh, yes, very handsome... He is tall and has long dark hair and deep dark eyes... And his smile...
Jane: When will you meet again?
Tara: Next Monday. Early in the morning.
Jane: Really? I think he can hardly wait to see you again! Please, call me after work!
Tara: All right, I will. And you? Have you met somebody here?

Jane: I am too busy. I don't see anyone else just my colleague Alice and my neighbour Barbara. After work I am too tired...
Tara: You should go out sometimes. I will come more often, too.
Jane: That would be great!

They talked for a long time. Before saying goodbye they took a photo:

Best Friends! 

P.S.: Lizzy is a Simba doll from my childhood. Tara and Elinor have arrived today and I love them very much! I think they were good choices. 

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  1. A zöld ruha népszerű, van nekünk is :) Szépen alakul a történet, Tarának szép, különleges arca van :) Gratulálok hozzájuk!

    1. Köszönöm szépen! :) Bár sajnos még nem sikerült azonosítanom őket (Jane 2005, Elinor 2003 és Tara 2001 jelzést visel), mindhármójuknak nagyon tetszik az arca. Szeretem az eltérő karaktereket :)

  2. Didnt know Jane and Emma (Barbie) would intrigue me like this. Im looking fwd to your stories. Great work. Is Elinor and Tara also Barbie brand?

    1. Thanks for Your nice comments!
      Yes, Elinor has a 'Mattel 2003' and Tara has a 'Mattel 2001' sign on her nape. Jane is the youngest: she was born is 2005 :)))

  3. So nice to see Jane's friend and sister-in-law. Seems like she's settling in quite nicely.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! Yes, Jane is very well since she met her beloved again.
      She asked me to renew her flat so I have to do something with the bedroom/living room... I am still hesitating: repainting the furniture - or not...