2013. május 1., szerda

New Clothes - New Dilemmas

Jane got a new outfit from ebay. It is the dress of Miss Amethyst, and I wanted it sooo much, and still want a similar for myself, too :) 

The problem is: it is too narrow for Jane... It was a hard job to dress her and she can't sit down :(
I've added an extra link to the necklace but she can't wear the matching bracelet because of her fingers :(
Should I buy her a new body? Maybe a Fashionista one, so she would be articulated and could give big hugs to Emma....

Here is Emma in a new outfit - in fact it is the dress of a rabbit older sister (Chocolate) figure from my Sylvanian Families collection. She is very pretty but the bunny wants her dress back soon :)

Oh, I need some more clothes...

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