2013. május 25., szombat

New Experiment: New Room

I didn't like Jane's room so I decided to make a new one. It was my first try to make a Barbie sized room. with a little wallpapering.

Here is the result:

The wall is a paper folder covered with white and "wooden" adhesive sheets.It is as big as You can see on the picture :) It leaves less space for the room itself...

I have found a few new items for Jane and Emma. The white vase is a fridget magnet but has normal shape and a hole inside for flowers.

My favorite finds of the week: little glass bottles! There are tiny beads for nail decoration and cost just 50 HUF = about $0,22 / bottle! On ebay I just found (empty) for $1! :) I have to go back to this shop and buy more... 

Tomorrow it is Children's Day!

Jane: Emma, tomorrow we will take a bus and travel to Uncle John and Auntie Elinor! We will go to a fair and you can play with little Lizzy!
Emma: Hurray!!!

The room is not the best yet, it is just a halfway... I need a bigger rug, a sofa, a bigger bed for Jane and a whole room for Emma... So many things :D

Another thing: I would like to buy Grandma this month but the sellers don't ship to Hungary or the price is too high... I keep searching.

6 megjegyzés:

  1. I like what you've done to the room so far. Looks bright and refreshing. Love the little bottles! Good to see these two again.

    1. Thank You, Vanessa! I always watch the room pictures of Morristown, there are so many ideas to follow :) I am working on finding more space for my dolls.

  2. Szia! Sanja tényleg nagyon nehéz az E-bay-ről ide hozatni bármit is, de ne add fel! Épp egy Angliában élő barátnőmmel próbálok ez ügyben konzultálni. Ha lesz eredménye, feltétlen megírom! A kis szoba nagyon tetszik, most nálunk is épp babaház berendezés folyik, ha ráérek :)

    1. Szia!
      Köszönöm szépen!
      Kíváncsi lettem, hogy mit rendelsz!! Majd írd meg! :) Alig várom, hogy új képeket lássak a készülő-szépülő babaházadról! :)

  3. Very lovely. Love the bottles, really cute. And in time I know you will be creative and find something that will satisfy your needs.