2013. május 5., vasárnap

New Items

After my last post I decided to make at least one pair of new clothes for Jane and Emma. I didn't have much time but here is the result:

Jane got a new strapless blouse, out of white lace. The skirt is from my childhood, and made it myself.

Emma got a purple dress - so simple but I like it.

I have found some items for furniture: it is a box with a plastic cover, not easy to fill the shelves but the plastic can protect the books and other stuffs from dust.

The frames still need family pictures...

The little books on the upper right corner, the pink vase and the round box were handmade gifts of a Sylvanian collector friend. :) The box with Sissy (Austrian Empress and Hungarian Queen) behind the red metal car is a tiny matchbox!

This is a perfect bedside cupboard! I think I will paint the furniture white.

Jane got another new stuff today: my daughter has removed one of my handmade pictures from a Sylvanian Families figure's living room so I decided to give it to my doll.

It is from cardboard and a paper napkin with decoupage technique, the frame is decorated with beads and covered gold paint.

I hope You like my new accessories! :)

4 megjegyzés:

  1. Very cool new furniture and love Jane's outfit. More, more, more...

    1. Thank You so much! :)
      Next plans: more summer outfits, more books :)

  2. Love all the new stuff. Both the outfits are nice. I really love Kelly's little dress. The shelf looks really nice. So full, which is nice. I never seem to have enough stuff to fill up my shelves. Your handmade picture is beautiful!

    1. Thank You, Vanessa!! I have always collected miniature stuffs and also like making myself so Jane is lucky :) Although I think You can't get enough minis...
      Another thing is that Jane's bedroom isn't so nice because I didn't find the suitable shema yet - right colours and materials which are so perfect in Your dollhouses. I think I have to start with a wallpaper or new bed...