2015. február 28., szombat

New Kitchen Review

Jane: Hello, Everyone! I just did a little shopping and go home. Would You like to follow? I would like to show some new accessories.

Do You know 'Shopkins'? These are tiny figures, food with face and own personality. In my opinion the only good thing is that they came in a little blue shopping basket, and as You see, it is the perfect size for Barbie dolls!

On the next picture You can see Charles with a shopping cart I've found at Butlers! It is metal with red, blue or yellow plastic parts and very realistic!
But a bit less than Charles would need...

Charles: OK, I am too tall. But it is the perfect size when we go shopping with Emma.

As You see, it has a child seat, and it is really for Emma!! (Sorry, I couldn't find her shoes before taking the pictures... :) )

Jane: It is really time to go home now... I would like to show You our new kitchen furniture!

Jane: Honey, I am home! Till he comes, let's see...

The furniture and the accessories mentioned below came in a box labelled 'Modern Kitchen'. It was 4500 HUF and I found it in a cheap clothing store near some Defa Lucy and more cheaper 'no name' dolls. There were two same red-white sets and one pink-white. I found red more real and pink more dollish...

Jane: Here You are! I think our new kitchen is a copy of something better but after the first surprises, we are quiet satisfied. 
Charles: First of all: we need to ask my brother to make a fundament because the counter is too low. It is not comfortable for Jane and me. 

Jane: The microvawe oven can be opened easily, but makes a bit loud noise when I push the button. The light is also working. 

Jane: This is the dishwasher. The basket is not removable... I can't pull it out... But the toaster is working, too.
Unfortunately the bread is not removable and doesn't look realistic. Maybe I will work on it...

These all came with the set. I will write about them below. 

Charles: We got some cheap food gratis. One of them looks like mayonnaise, but there are fruits on its paper... We got an orange and a 'pear' labelled (but looks like grapes) can and two jars of grapes...what?? Strange...

Jane: I can't imagine why they had to glue stickers on our kitchen furniture... Do you have an idea, Honey? 
Charles: Nope. I see I will have a lot of work to remove them. But I like the glass (plastic :) ) cabinet doors.

These dishes were also part of the set. The last storage is under the sink. The faucet can move left to right. 

 And here is the little silver plastic tray with salt cellars, sugar basins and some tiny... something :) Looks like they can move to the bathroom as rouge or nail polish :D 

The set together and two pink plastic cups with silver plates...

But I really like these little pots! Toppers are removable.

Now, the fruits and vegetables... The watermelon is all right on the bottom, but...
It needs a little repaint on the top... The bananas are not too big or banana like... And when I see them I realised that they are the same shape and size as my Sylvanian Families fruits and veggies.

Here they are, left to right: kitchen lemons - Sylvanian lemons - kitchen carrots - Sylvanian carrot. The Sylvanian ones are much more better. The kitchen ones are harder plastic and have not trimmed excess... Their colours and painting is also not so nice. Maybe the carrot's orange the only exception.

 Aaaaand my favorite: the 'cake' under a bell...  A cake??? Wait... It has green and black lines... Is it mildew or what? I don't like the sticker...

On the left You can see a re-ment cheese. How yummy is it... I decided to make a trick...
Much  more better! :) Now I have some different cheese :) 

Oh, no... The original one is glued to the top and the re-ment one is too big. 

But I still love it :) Maybe the pink colour would be better in white. We'll see once. 

This is the counter With some things (The milk also came in the box.)

I love the towel holder very much!

Charles: That is for today. We still need many things to buy, to repair and search after moving into our new home.
Jane: We hope You liked this review! Goodbye!

Emma: Bye-bye! 

Jane: Oh, I almost forgot... The last picture is the back of our kitchen's box.

We have the set NO.26216 (bottom right) and still need the oven and fridge set NO.26212 (top left).
Ha bárki látja ezt a készletet Magyarországon, elsősorban Budapesten, természetesen pirosban, nagyon megköszönnénk, ha jelezné, hogy merrefelé :) 

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  1. Nagyon tetszenek az új dolgok, a konyha is és a sok apróság. Biztosan Jane Charles, Emma jól érzi magát az új lakásukban. Nagy érdeklődéssel várom a folytatást.

  2. Hello from Spain: fabulous photos of the new kitchen. I also have that red kitchen. Fine accessories. Nice shopping cart. Keep in touch

  3. Nagyon tetszik az új konyha! Olyan mintha igazi lenne. Kíváncsian várom milyen lesz az új ház!

    1. Köszönöm szépen! Nagyon örülök, hogy valódinak látszik (bár még van hova fejlődni) :)

  4. Csodálatosak ezek a holmik, babaként így kell élni! :-)

  5. Szuper konyha, tényleg nagyon élethű! Egy igazi paradicsom! Nekem amikor átköltöztem a páromhoz, a konyhánk lett a kedvencem, mert imádok főzni és mert minden meg is van benne ami ehhez kell, edényektől az alapanyagokig. Szóval ha baba lennék, akkor valószínűleg ez a konyha lenne a kedvencem a babaházamban :)

  6. I love that shopping cart! Congrats on getting the kitchen. I have a similar set and they are wonderful.

  7. Most hisztiznék egy ijen konyháért, de nem tudnám hová tenni :D Majd az "új" házban lesz hely. :) Nagyon szuper minden, csatlakozom a többiekhez, én is szeretnék egyet!