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New Characters On Their Way

Jane and Emma were awake early in the morning. Mark asked Jane to bring Emma with him on a longer tour than usual. Emma was very happy and excited. She helped to pack up for the journey.

Jane: Emma, please tell daddy that we packed your towel, too. Would you still like to bring the princess gown?
Emma: Yes, mommy! And these handbags, too.
Jane: All right. This bag is big, there is enough place for the dresses and your toys, too, sweetie.

Charles entered the room.
Charles: It is quiet cold outside. What a May...
Jane: Yes, and I don't know how many dresses will Emma need there.

Charles: Don't be afraid, she will be all right. Good weather predicted for the next week. Summer is coming sooner than we expected.
Jane: I don't like neither too cold nor too hot weather...

Jane: Emma, please, bring your toothbrush and toothpaste from the bathroom.
Emma: I go!

Jane: Mark must be here soon. What would you like to do after they go and before the plane arrives?
Charles: Maybe we can go shoppig first.
Jane: Dou you plan to make one of your fantastic dinners?
Charles: Of course.
Jane: I love the idea. And I am sure your brother will love it, too!

Emma came back from the bathroom.
Jane: Okay, we are ready. Now I have to make your hair. It is a bit disheveled.

Jane: So we go shopping and what if we would upload the fridge in your flat for Christopher? Is it okay for him to stay there alone and not with us? I am afraid for that but we don't have any space for an extra bed.
Charles: No, he won't mind. He told me he will be happy to finally meet you.
Jane: I feel the same. I hope to meet your parents in this summer, too.
Charles: I hope so. My mother is still confined to bed and my father don't want to leave her alone.
Jane: I know. If I were him, I would do the same.
Charles: A car has arrived, did you hear? I think Mark is here.

They all went outside and Charles was right. Mark came through the gateway. They greeted each other and Emma went to her father's arms.

Mark: Jane, maybe I had to tell this earlier, I am sorry...
Jane: Yes? Tell me what?
Mark: There will be not just me and Emma... One of my friends will come, too.
Jane: One of your friends? Who?
Mark: Her name is Melanie.
Jane: Melanie... You didn't mean to say that she is in the car, do you?
Mark: Yes, she is there.
Jane: Are you joking? Why did you leave her there??
Mark: Can I introduce her to you?
Jane: For God's sake, of course!

Mark and Emma brought the bag to the car. Jane was angry.
Jane: What the hell did he think of me? Am I a cannibal beast?
Charles: You don't have to be so angry. He just didn't know how to do that.

Mark came back with a beautiful blonde lady. Jane was sure she saw him with Mark earlier.
Mark's girlfriend: Hello, I am Melanie Walters. I have heard a lot about you.
Jane: I am Jane, nice to meet you.
Charles: Charles Brandon, hello.

Melanie: I hope we will have a great time with Emma. And hope to meet you again after we come back.
Jane: Me, too. Have a good journey.

Mark: Girls, can we go?
Emma: Yes, daddy!!!
Mark: So give big kisses to mommy.

Jane: Oh, my little sweetheart! Have a great, great holiday! I love you!
Emma: I love you, mommy!
Charles: Hello, little Princess!
Emma: Bye-bye Chazzie!
Jane: I will miss you so much... Charles, don't forget to call me as soon as you have arrived!
Mark: I promise!
Melanie: We won't forget it!

The farewell was tearful for Jane. After they left, she collapsed into his arms.
Charles: Everything will be all right. It is not the first time for Mark with Emma...
Jane: But with the first in three. Will she love her?
Charles: Do you mean Emma or Melanie?
Jane: Oh... I mean both...
Charles: Emma is a sweat little girl, darling of her father. And I think Melanie is the person who would like the best for her and Mark.You will see.
Jane: You are right. Give me a kiss and then we can go shopping. Time flies.
Charles (laughing): And so my bro. Come on, my love!...

To be continued... :)

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  1. Hello from Spain: a true story. I see that Jane is sad. The girl is happy with her father. Great pics. Keep in touch

  2. Love Charles outfit. He is so handsome in that sweater. All I could do was smile, thinking about my wonderful sweaters. I can't wait to do a story with my sweaters. Poor Jane. She shouldn't worry. I'm sure Mark will take very good care of Emma. It was nice of her to meet Melanie and make her feel comfortable.

    1. Thank You, Vanessa!!
      My mother was so kind and tried to make sweaters with the smallest knitting needles for me, the result is awesome! Charles got the first one and I think it fits him very well.

      Jane was always worried about how her little daughter can live with separated parents. She wants to keep the good relationship with Mark and hopes that her former husband's new wife (whoever she would be) won't be like a wicked stepmother for Emma. She knows that her feelings were extreme... And she knows that Melanie and Charles are in a difficult situation, too, so she would like to make it easier for Mel.

      I can't wait Your new stories!!!! I miss Rod and Danielle :) I hope You get better and better, and send You my best wishes and big hugs! :)

    2. Your mom is amazing. Thanks for the hugs and well wishes. I need all of it to stay positive through this ordeal. I know that it could always be worse.

  3. Nagyon imádom a történeted. Bizonyára Emma nagyon jól fogja érezni magát Apukájánál. Várom a folytatást. A pulcsik csodásak, gratulálok Anyukának a szép munkához.

    1. Köszönöm szépen a kedves szavakat! :)

  4. Nahát, hogy le vagyok maradva! :) Megértem Jane-t, hogy aggódik, de eljön az a nap, mikor lelkiismeret furdalás nélkül tudja élvezni azt a szabad időt, amit a kislány nélkül kap. :) Én is várom a folyatást!!

    1. Remeljuk hamar eljon ez az ido :) Koszonom szepen!! :)