2013. november 3., vasárnap

Jane's New Way Of Life :)

Hi Everyone!

Last week I've made my final exam successfully so I became software engineer :D
Although the last month was extremely busy I've got a few things for my dolls, You can see some of them in this post and some others in the next one or two.

Jane and Charles are in love for about one and a half month. As You can see Jane got a new body!! And of course they have new outfits, too. Thanks for the man's dresses to my dear Friend, Fricskamacska!! :)

The body-donor was my new doll: Summer. She is the younger sister of Tara.

Summer has a beautiful face and lovely hair but I was very nervous before the operation...

In the end I was relly happy with the result! This body fits Jane very well, finally she can dance with her beloved! They were posing together for hours in different movements... :D

In the afternoon they went home. Emma was out with Mark so they could talk a lot. Charles was looking through family photos. 
Charles: Who is this handsome man? I am jealous...
Jane: Oh, he is my father. 
Charle: I am sorry Jane, I didn't want to hurt you...
Jane: Never mind! This is my favorite picture of him. I miss him very much...
Charles: You are like your father. The same face and eyes. He would be glad to see how beautiful his daughter is. 
Jane (smiling): Thanks...

Charles: I would like to meet Emma too, and later your mother and bro.
Jane: Yes, I think the time has come. We can do it next week.
Charles: Oh, I almost forgot that I have to travel to the capital because of a business.
Jane: Will you be long there?
Charles: Just a couple of days.

Jane: I got a message from Tara. She will come in an hour. Can you stay?
Charles: I can't I am afraid. I have to pack up.

Jane: I will miss you so much...
Charles: Me too, Honey.

Charles: Come and give me a kiss...

Charles was gone and an hour later Tara arrived. Jane had a big surprise: Tara brought her sister, too!

Jane: Summer! I haven't seen you for ages!! You look so beautiful!
Summer: Thanks, Janey! Good to see you again.

Jane: When did you arrive? How long will you stay?
Summer: I came yesterday. I don't know yet, I am looking for a job.
Jane: What happened?
Summer: I broke up with my boyfriend... And I had to left my former job because he worked there, too. 
Jane: I am so sorry, Summer.

Summer: At least I can meet Tara's Colin. I've heard about him a lot... And I've heard you also found someone... I thought you will give Mark another chance one day...
Tara: Oh, Summer, please...
Jane: No problem, Tara. Mark is just like a friend for two years now. I met Charles and I couldn't be happier.

Jane: I have a picture from our first date.
Summer: Wow, how handsome he is!
Tara: I would like to meet him...We have to go out together next weekend.
Jane: Okay.

The girls were chatting all night. When they left, Jane went to change clothes to sleep... But the doorbell rang...

Jane: Who is that?

It was Charles! 
Charles: I couldn't leave you without a last hug and kiss...

Jane: Oh, Charles...
Charles: You are so beautiful...

A few hours later...
Charles: Can I sleep with you? My bag is in the hall ready for the trip.
Jane: Of course, you can. 
Charles: I love you, Honey. 
Jane: I love you, too!


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  1. Congrats on the success with the exams! I missed Jane (and you of course).

    Love the new story and Jane's body is just better suited!

    Hope to see more soon!

    1. Thank You so much for the kind words! :)
      Jane loves her new body and is ready for more and more stories ;)

  2. Először, gratulálok én is a sikeres vizsgához, ügyes vagy! másodszor, az első fejcserénél még én is izgultam, de azóta profi vagyok, nagyon jó az új, könnyebben pózoltatható test ;) Végül: Nagyon cuki a szerelmespár! Ha minden igaz, hamarosan nálunk is bonyolódnak a dolgok. Azaz dehogy hamarosan .( Majd esetleg egy hét múlva. Remélem, nemsoká jön az új rész! :)

    1. Köszönöm szépen!! Nagy tehertől szabadultam meg :)
      A szerelmespár is köszöni a dicséretet :) Kíváncsi vagyok, mi lesz Nálatok?? :))

  3. Gratulálok a sikeres vizsgádhoz! Jó újra olvasni a blogodat!

    1. Ezt a megjegyzést eltávolította a szerző.

    2. Köszönöm szépen!! :) Én is nagyon várom ám a Vény nélkül újabb részeit!! ;)

  4. Nagyszerű teljesítmény és sok sikert kívánok az előtted álló kihívásokhoz.
    Bátorságot adott, hogy kipróbáltad a fej cseréjét, mert én is most kacérkodom ezzel a gondolattal. Vásároltam egy babát, ami nagyon tetszett de sajnos nem tudtam, hogy rágott az orra, ezért gondoltam donornak jó lesz, de nem mertem neki kezdeni.

    1. Köszönöm szépen!! Örülök, ha segíthetek, írtam is Neked e-mailt :)