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We Did It! - First Barbie Collector Get-Together :)

Since I make this blog I've met some wonderful people - abroad but in my country, too: all of them are Barbie bloggers and doll collectors, talented women, who sew, bind, crochet and build a whole world for their beloved dolls.

Yesterday we did our First Barbie Collector Get-Together! We finally met in person, showed our favorite Barbies, exchanged stories, ideas, advices and wishes. I am sure you can hardly see so much dolls in one room we could this time! :) (OK, maybe those who own a huge collection LOL) We had a competition, and Miss Barbie 2013 was chosen! We had a tombola, too, where everybody won something - of course the grand prize was a Barbie :) I saw many beauties and some new favorites, got ideas and now there are more dolls in my head for my must-have list... I won some outfits! :)

But I won more: some happy hours with my new friends! It was a great pleasure, thank You, my Dear! :)

I couldn't take pictures but You can see some on Vik's blog, Fricskamacska's blog* and Világbaba's blog**.

But I don't like to write a new post without pictures so I am pleased to announce a major news! :)))

John: Mom, Jane, we would like to tell you something... Honey? 
Elinor: I am pregnant! Willy and Lizzy will have a new sibling!

Perla: Oh, what a beautiful news! I am so happy! A fourth grandchild! And when...?
Elinor: I am in the beginning of the second trimester. She or he will born in February.

Jane: I am so happy, too! Congratulations!
Elinor: Thank you, Jane!

Jane: Congratulations, 'Triple Daddy'!
John: Thanks, Janey! 
Jane: Now, you have to look for a new house! Two rooms won't be enough anymore!
John: Yes, this is true. We already plan it...
Jane: Please, move closer! I would be so glad to have you near me, and could help you and Elinor much more!
Elinor: Maybe we can think of it... 
John: I will look for our opportunities.
Jane: Great!

* and **: updates

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  1. Hello from Spain: how lucky you had the meeting of doll collectors. I'm sure it was fun and interesting. Also the announcement of a new baby is a great news for all .. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks, Marta!
      I've never seen newborn and toddler Barbie dolls before in person and I felt in love with them - so the story :)
      Yes, we are very lucky and planning the next year's appointment :)

  2. That's great that you were able to get together with your new dolly friends. Congrats to the happy couple.

    1. Thank You, Vanessa!
      That was a great day although some collectors couldn't join, but they were there in spirit, too :) Maybe next year there will be a bigger company :)

  3. Nahát, micsoda öröm! Még jó, hogy csak óvatosan vettük kézbe Elinort! :)

    1. :D
      Annyira megszerettem élőben a pici bébiket, muszáj volt becsempésznem a sztoriba!! Ezután majd remélhetőleg megindul a gyermekáldás rendesen :D

  4. A nagyit én is szívesen megnéztem volna személyesen, mert ő egy igazi kis kincs! Majd talán legközelebb... :-) A történet nagyon családias, kellemes! Képzelem, milyen tündéri lesz a picurka benne! Az pedig külön tetszik, hogy a februárt választottad! (Én is akkor születtem.) :-)