2013. augusztus 18., vasárnap

Colin's Question, Tara's Decision

One day after work Tara and Jane met in their favorite place in Rosemary Hill called Jenny's Inn. Fortunately their favorite table was free.

Tara: Oh, Jane, I am so happy to see you! I wanted to tell you the news personally...

Jane: After your phone call I was excited all day! Tell me, tell me what happened on your date!

Jane had to wait a little while they got tea and strawberry-cream cake.

Tara: Colin had a surprise: he gave me a bunch of red roses for our anniversary and asked something...

Tara:  He asked me to move to his house.
Jane: To move in together?? Oh, Tara, what a wonderful news! 

Tara: Do you think it is the best for us?

Jane: Are you hesitating? I am very happy for you because I see how much he loves you.

Tara (laughing): You are always too romantic, Janey.
Jane (laughing): Yes, that is always the problem with me.What did you answer?
Tara: I answered that I loved this idea. But now I am a little bit nervous.

Jane: I understand what you feel. It is always hard to change your life. You met him just a few months ago. You have an own life, a business and a little flat that is only yours. It is hard to leave for an unknown new life.

Jane: But I think you should give it a try. Life is too short to hesitate when your happiness is at stake. 

Jane: You don't have to sell your flat. Just move to Colin and you can still move back if you think it wasn't a good step. 
 Tara: Maybe you are right... I would love to live with him but I was afraid to make a decision what is definitive.

Tara: Maybe this short time doesn't mean that we make it wrong. I love him so much... I will look for a tenant.

Jane: Right. I will help you in everything.
Tara: Thank you my angel!
Jane: Oh, my dear, you will be the happiest couple!
Tara: I wish I could see your happiness, too...
Jane: Me too... I am so lonely sometimes. But I am happy here and our summer was so fun. Emma had a great holiday.
Tara: She is a lucky little girl who has the best mom and family ever. You know I grew up with my sister alone and have just our grandmother who died a few years ago. My sister lives far away and now you are my family.
Jane: Tara, me, my mom and John will always be here for you! You know that they love you, too!
Tara: I know, Jane. You are like a sibling.
Jane: Who would like to dance on your wedding day soon!
Tara (laughing): We will see...

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  1. Jaj, nagyon kellemes hangulatot tudsz teremteni a fotóid által! Szinte érezni a finom virágillatot, és a jóleső napsütést! Imádom! :-)

    1. Köszönöm szépen! Örülök, hogy tetszik, mert én nem voltam annyira elégedett :) Sajnos a napsütésből a képekhez egy kicsit kevés volt, az a kevés pedig igen forró, úgyhogy úgy menekültem újra árnyékba a fotózás után - ha nem így lett volna, lehet, hogy megismétlem a képeket más fényekkel :)

  2. It's good Jane talked her into keeping her flat. Living with someone can be challenging. So it's nice to have a safety net.

    1. Ezt a megjegyzést eltávolította a szerző.

    2. Thanks, Vanessa!! I had to learn that safety is very important and you can't give up everything even if you are in the greatest love...

      Nevertheless I hope everything will be all right because I would love to make some wedding preparations next year ;)

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