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Eventful Day

Hi Everyone,

I was on holiday so I have to tell You the news in one looong story :)))

Granny: Look at this bunch of lavender, Jane! How beautiful and fragrant!
Jane: Beautiful, indeed. 
Granny: I take it to the living room.

Jane was preparing lunch when she heard the doorbell ring.

Emma: Let me, let me! I want to open the door!
Jane: I have to lift you up for that.

Elinor and the children came in.

Lizzy gave a big hug and kisses to Emma.

Elinor: Jane, I am so excited! John could catch a flight but earlier than we expected. I have to go to the airport now. We have to bring home one of his colleagues so the children can't come. Would you be so kind to look after them?
Jane: Of course, it isn't a problem! Don't worry! I am happy to see John again.

Willy: Granny, Dad comes tonight!
Granny: I hear that, Willy. The best news!

Willy: Jane, can we go outside with Emma and Lizzy?
Jane: Yes, but be careful, and stay in the shadows.

Elinor: Thank you, Jane, Perla, I am so grateful. I am in a hurry...
Perla: Just drive carefully, Ellie!
Elinor: I will, I promise! See you tonight!

Half an hour later someone else knocked on the door: it was Mark.

Mark: Hello Jane!
Jane: What a surprise!
Mark: Sorry, I didn't call you, but our new drummer got ill so we cancelled the concert. Can I bring Emma with me for a few hours?
Jane: Sorry, but I don't really like this idea, Mark. I am preparing lunch, Elinor left the children here, John arrives tonight and I would like Emma to stay with her cousins and to meet her uncle.
Mark: Okay...
Jane: But you can stay a little if you want.
Mark: I don't know...

Emma: Daddy!! Will you play with me and Lizzy and Willy?
Mark: All right, I'll stay.

Meanwhile at the Howard's:
Hetty: Dad, we are at home! Look at my new school uniform we bought with Mom!

James: You are beautiful, Honey! But look at your new room!

 Hetty: Oh, are these the new IKEA furnitures? I love them! 

(I used Jane's bedroom to show You this lovely set, because I don't have any place for Hetty and because Jane hasn't got any furnitures for this place :) )

Hetty: Thank you so much, Dad!
Dad: You have to thank this to your Mom, too!
Hetty: I love you both, I have the best parents ever!

This little family miss just their younger daughter, who is in a summer camp :)

Colin: Darling, this is our second month anniversary...
Tara: Oh, Colin, so you didn't forget it...

Tara: I love you so much...

Colin: Me, too... Darling, I have an important question. Would you...

Excuse me, but I have to interrupt this story, because Colin asked his question by whispering... I have to wait and ask Tara what was that :)

Did You see the new outfits of Willy, Mark, James and Colin? These are all from a talented lady who sent me more clothes. I LOVE them very much!! I would like to take more photos, but my camera's battery was off. More pics come soon :) 

The new IKEA set's name is 'Huset'. I saw this furnitures by other bloggers first and went a few days later to buy them :)

And last but not least: I have bought a Harley Davidson Ken!!! Hurray!!! John Westley will arrive soon, and a dream will come true again :) 

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  1. SO nice to see everyone featuring! Cant wait for more photos. Love the flowers that Colin gave to Tara ;-)
    And so excited to meet John!

    1. Thanks! :) I love those flowers, too!! ;)

  2. So much happening. Great to see the new outfits and the new furniture. Willy is so cute. Elinor lucked out getting a babysitter on such short notice. Good to have family close. Personally, I think Jane should have allowed Emma to go with her father for a few hours. It's so important for Emma and her dad to establish a close relationship.

    1. Thanks for Your kind words :)
      Oh, yes, sometimes Jane makes mistakes and she was a bit nervous that day but in the end everyone was happy :) Mark stayed and met John who didn't see him for ages. They always were good brother-in-laws and John was really sad when his sister divorced. Life isn't easy :)

  3. Hello from Spain: beautiful flowers. I also like the clothes they're wearing. I also I have the same Ikea furniture. They are my favorites. Keep in touch

    1. Hello Marta! Thank You! I saw the IKEA furnitures first on Your blog :)