2013. július 15., hétfő

Twins! :)

No, no matter with eyesight! They are two! :D 

Le me introduce my Granny: Mrs. Westley born Perla Prewett* (on the right) and her twin sister: Pearline (on the left)!

Pearline is a visitor in Rosemary Hill and the sisters are very happy to meet though it is only for a little while. 

Perla: How long can you stay?
Pearline: Only for a few days.
Perla: Oh, I will miss you so much!

Pearline: Me too, me too, Sis! But we could meet in August if you would like to join us for a little get-together with other friends. It will be jolly with lots of talk, fun and games for also children and adults.
Perla: It sounds great!

Perla: Please, give my regards and hugs to Migde, Lucy, the children and their whole family!
Pearline: I will, thank you!

Earlier I didn't saw two Grannys in one picture :D Aren't they cute together? :)

(* More surprises in the bio soon ;) )

6 megjegyzés:

  1. Oh what a great surprise, I love twins, always wanted a "pair" of my own, but I think one baby at a time is enough.

    Cant wait for the rest of the bio!

    1. Thank You! :) I wanted them, too, and still can imagine twin children: a girl and a boy :)
      Maybe Jane will have one day ;)

  2. Nagyon szépek! Hogy tudod beszerezni őket? Midge babám nagyon szeretné, ha egyszer az anyukája is ideköltözne, de ez csak álom, úgy tűnik! :)

    1. Szia! Köszönöm szépen! Igen, itthon sajnos lehetetlenség beszerezni, az én nagyim is külföldről van :)

  3. Nagyon szépek ezek a nagyik!

    1. Köszönöm szépen! :) Csak az egyikük az enyém ;)